AARES Conference 2002

46th AARES Conference
Canberra, ACT, 13 -15 February 2002

Plenary and Invited Papers

Below is a list of invited papers. Copies of the full papers may be obtained by email to the AARES Office Manager.

Opening Plenary

Ross Garnaut, Australian National UniversityAustralia’s Resource Sector: Head Office or Branch Office?
Roger Beale, Environment Australia 
Beth Woods, RIRDCAgricultural and resource economics – contributors to improving the triple bottom line

Trade Plenary

Sherman Robinson, IFPRIWTO, agriculture, and developing countries
Christopher Findlay, Australian National UniversityPreferential trading arrangements: will they lead to free trade?
Funing Zhong, Nanjing Agricultural University, ChinaChina’s Accession to the WTO: Its Impact on Chinese Agriculture and Rural Economy

Presidential Address

Julian Alston, University of California - Davis, USASpillovers

Allan Lloyd Address

Yair Mundlak, University of Chicago, USA, and Hebrew University, IsraelExplaining Economic Growth

Invited Speaker Session on "Agenda for the 21st Century: Farm Management"

John Mullen, NSW AgricultureFarm Management in the 21st Century
Glenn Ronan, Primary Industries and Resources South AustraliaDelving and Divining for Australian Farm Management Agenda: 1970-2010
Ross Kingwell, Agriculture WAIssues for Farm Management in the 21st Century: A view from the West

Invited Speaker Session on "Agenda for the 21st Century: Natural Resources and the Environment"

Roger Sedjo, Resources for the FutureTimber and the Environment: Present Situation and Future Potential
Alistair Ulph, University of Southampton, UK 
Drew Collins, BDA GroupUnderlying issues for environmental and resource policy in the 21st century

Contributed Papers

Below is a list of contributed papers (in alphabetical order by authors surname). Copies of the full papers may be obtained by email to the AARES Office Manager.
Ali Abdalla and Max FosterMarket implications of restrictions on antibiotic use in food animals
Frank W. AgbolaExploring the impact of HIV/AIDS on the agricultural sector in South Africa
Frank W. Agbola, Timothy G. Kelley, Martin J. Bent, and Partha P. RaoA hedonic price analysis of quality characteristics of chickpea in India
Frank W. Agbola, Pushkar Maitra, and Keith R. McLarenThe analysis of consumer demand for food in South Africa: An application of the Modified Almost Ideal Demand System
Muhammad AkmalThe structure of consumer energy demand in Australia: an application of a dynamic almost ideal demand system
Chris M. AlaouzeThe economics of bycatch reduction devices in regulated fisheries
I Gusti Agung Ayu Ambarawati, Garry R. Griffith, and Hui-Shung (Christie) ChangAssessment of beef cattle development schemes on farm performance in Bali
George AntonyThe political ecology of environmental priorities in Australia
Maksudul Bari and Arthur BuckinghamEconomic Impacts of Native Vegetation Retention Targets in New South Wales
Andrew Bathgate and John MaddenA review of economic studies of salinity in NSW
Annette BaumannThe commercialisation of genetically modified crops: The case of canola in Western Australia
A.B.M.R.A. Beg, M.E. Qureshi, and M.K. WegenerImpact of various shocks in a co-integrated system of sugar price
John C. Beghin, Jean-Christophe Bureau, and Sung Joon ParkFood Security and Agricultural Protection in South Korea
John C. Beghin, Barbara El Osta, Jay R. Cherlow, and Samarendu MohantyThe Cost of the U.S. Sugar Program Revisited
Rosalyn Bell and Stephen BeareCapturing benefits from water trade
Jeff Bennett, Martin van Bueren, and Stuart WhittenWhat Value Viable Country Communities?
Jonelle BlackDiscovering common ground in natural resource management: Incorporating concepts of fairness in choice modeling
Lisa Brennan and Bob McCownReinventing farm management economics in farming systems research
Michael Burton, Dan Rigby, Trevor Young, and Sallie JamesConsumer Attitudes to Genetically Modified Organisms in Food in the UK
Oscar J. Cacho, Robyn L. Hean, and Russell M. WiseCarbon-accounting methods and reforestation incentives
Liangyue Cao, Nico Klijn, and Trish GleesonModeling the cost to the beef industry of a temporary loss of export markets in case of a foot and mouth disease outbreak in Australia
Yu-Hui Chen and Chung-Chiang ChenThe Structural Adjustment of the Taiwanese Rice Industry: A Contract Theory Approach
Yu-Hui Chen, Chung-Chiang Chen and Yea-Hue ChenTo Participate or Not to Participate the Set Aside Program: A Three Stage Indifference Price Approach
Jung-Sup Choi, Zhang-Yue Zhou, and Rod J. CoxBeef Consumption, Supply and Trade in Korea
Fred C. Chudleigh, Howard W. Cox, and Veronica J. ChapmanModelling Profitable and Sustainable Farming Systems in Central Queensland
Helena ClaytonIntertemporal issues facing rice-shrimp farmers in the Mekong Delta
Giovanni B. Concu and Steven SchilizziThe role of space in environmental valuation
David Cook and Rob FraserAn Economic Method for Empirically Assessing the “Appropriate Level of Protection”
Ian M. CooperA bibliography of Australian farm management research and publication
Peter Coyle and Chris MayberryA comment on an $8 million state government support package for adverse seasonal conditions in the Western Australian agricultural sector, 1998 to 2001
Lin Crase, Brian Dollery, and Michael LockwoodTransaction costs and foregone welfare in the market for permanent water in NSW
Jim Crosthwaite, Kim Lowe, and Gary StonehamBiodiversity conservation: measurement and economic analysis
Matty Demont and Eric TollensEx-ante Welfare Effects of Agricultural Biotechnology in the European Union’s Sugar Industry
Peter Donaghy, John Rolfe, and Jeff BennettDisaggregating consumer demands for organic and genetically modified foods using the Choice Modelling technique
Charlotte Duke, Tim Cason, Lata Gangadharan, Gary Stoneham, Loris Strappazzon, and Mark EigenraamA Laboratory Study of Auctions for Reducing Non-Point Source Pollution
Gavan Dwyer, Philip Hughes, and Deborah PetersonConstraints to private conservation of biodiversity
Hamidreza EbneshahidiTrade liberalisation in the wheat industry
Geoff EdwardsThe dairy industry “adjustment” package: Public policy issues
Mark Eigenraam, C. Beverly, and Gary StonehamResource degradation: The economics of soil acidification
Mark Eigenraam, Charlotte Duke, Gary Stoneham, and Loris StrappazzonAuctions for conservation contracts: An empirical examination of Victoria's Bushtender scheme
Christopher M. Fleming and Robert R. AlexanderThe Economic Implications of a Multiple Species Approach to Bioeconomic Modelling
Iain Fraser and William C. HorraceTechnical Efficiency of Australian Wool Production: Point and Confidence Interval Estimates Sheep Productivity in South West Victoria
Rob FraserMoral Hazard and Risk Management in Agri-Environmental Policy
Sigmund FritschyEffective models of community consultation
Frank Fuller, John Beghin, Stephane De Cara, Jacinto Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, and Holger MattheyChina’s Accession to the WTO. What Is at Stakes for Agricultural Markets?
Fe Gabunada, Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, and Ria MesoradoCredit Constraints and Opportunities for Smallholder Producers in the Philippines
John Gibson and Scott RozelleAssessing the Bias from Using Unit-values in Cross Sectional Demand Studies
Robert GillespieMeasuring the Benefits of Reticulated Sewerage — Expectations and Expert Property Valuation
R. Quentin Grafton, Kathleen M. Day, and Stephen KnowlesSocial Capital and Environmental Degradation
Brett Graham and Rod TyersGlobal Population Forecast Errors, Economic Performance and Food Demand: Preliminary Simulations
Romy GreinerFurther lessons from the Ord. How realistic is the prospect for ecologically sustainable development in Australia’s Kimberley region?
G.R. Griffith, A. Coddington, and S.M. MurdochBeef Feedlot Supply Response
G.R. Griffith and Christopher J. O'DonnellTesting for market power in the Australian grains and oilseeds industries
Oliver GylesEstimating benefits for dairy production systems from sustainable irrigation practices: Intervention and adjustment in Victorian Land and Water Management Plans
Ahmed Hafi, Liangyue Cao, and Steve BeareOptimal extraction of water from a groundwater system with two linked aquifers a stochastic dynamic programming approach
Atakelty Hailu and Terrence S. VeemanInvestment in Pollution Abatement and Productivity Change in Canadian Regional Pulp and Paper Industries
Stefan HajkowiczAn evaluation of options for managing dairying in the Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Areas in South Australia using multiple criteria analysis
Hongyun HanChinese Agricultural Water Resource Utilization in the 21st Century
Michael HarrisNatural resource accounting in theory and practice: a critical assessment
Bob Harrison and Michael VardonEnvironmental Accounting: Concepts, Practice and Assessment of Sustainable Development
Robyn L. Hean and Oscar J. CachoEvaluating externalities using bioeconomic techniques: the impact of forestry on aquaculture
Robyn L. Hean and Oscar J. CachoFarming giant clams for the aquarium and seafood markets: a bioeconomic analysis
Ben Henderson and Ross KingwellThe technical and allocative efficiency of broadacre farmers
Tracy HendersonEvaluating the performance of collaborative research and development activities
Greg Hertzler, Duane Collinson, and Ian WilkinsonThe Prospects for Crop Insurance in Western Australia
Ziaul Hoque, Bob Farquharson, Martin Dillon, and Greg KauterBenefits of Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) strategies in the Australian cotton industry
Lee Ann JacksonRegulatory Harmonization in International Trading Systems: The Case of Agricultural Biotechnology Labeling in the United States and the European Union
Ben Jacobsen and Thilak MallawaarachchiIssues in the Implementation of Nonpoint Source Pollution Mitigation: A Case Study of Potential Expansion of the Sugar Industry in North Queensland
Nilufar Jahan, Perry Smith, and Gil RodriguezAn analysis of the Australian food processing industry
Jennifer S. James and Julian M. AlstonSeeds of Progress? French Wheat Production, Quality, and Policy
Jennifer S. James, Shelby Fleischer, Michael Orzolek, and Twilla ParkerConsumer Purchases of Genetically Modified Foods: Results from a Market Experiment
Ian JarrattThe influence of farm size on business aims, industry priorities, and farmer associations in the Queensland Redclaw crayfish industry
Michele John, Ross Kingwell, Steve Schilizzi, and David PannellProfit versus water use: the challenges for dryland salinity control in low rainfall environments
Abdellatif KhattabiEvaluation of the Moroccan forest for recreation — opportunities and constraints
Tom Kompas and Nhu CheCatch, Efficiency and the Management of the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery
Sven KoopsAdopting the Resource-Based View of the Firm (RBV) to Understand the Relationships between Agrifood Supply Chains and Business Strategy
Dailin Kularatne and Alister LawsonEconomic evaluation of pasture renovation options in irrigated dairy farming
Ross LambieAnalysing the Effect of a Distribution of Carbon Permits on Firm Investment
Helen R. Lane and Robert R. AlexanderEnhancing biodiversity preservation on privately owned land: An analysis of New Zealand’s policy approach
Roger A. Lawes and Malcolm K. WegenerA dynamic and linear programming analysis of sugarcane harvest scheduling on farms in the Tully mill area
Lartey Lawson, Jeanette Bruun, Tim Coelli, Jens F. Agger, and Mogens LundEffects of reported reproduction disorders on technical efficiency of Danish dairy cattle herds: A stochastic frontier production function approach
Rebecca LetcherWhere should out water go? Assessing trade-offs in water allocation in the Namoi River Catchment
Patricia Liu, Kate Owen, and Wan GuanghuaA survey of household demand for dairy products in China
Xi-An Liu, Qing-Fang Guo, and Hua-Yong TengAnimal Husbandry Industry in China’s Developed Regions: The Case of Zhejiang Province
Rick S. Llewellyn, Robert K. Lindner, David J. Pannell, and Stephen B. PowlesImpacts of extension on adoption of herbicide resistance management practices by Australian grain growers
Alexandra LobbMonopoly Pricing Policies and Profit Margins under Different Objectives — A Case of AWB Ltd.
Adam Loch, John Rolfe, and Jeff BennettFraming Effects and Benefit Transfer in the Fitzroy Basin
T. Gordon MacAulay, Greg Hertzler, and Sally P. MarshPolicy Analysis Using a Village Model: Land-Use in Vietnam
Neil MacLeod and Jim CrosthwaiteSome issues in establishing private conservation values for native vegetation on Australian grazing properties: The potential contribution of case studies
Bill Malcolm, C. Lightfoot, and C. GourleyInvesting in Phosphorus in Dairy Farming: Analysing the Decision
Thilak MallawaarachchiAssessing Best-Practice Environmental Management Options at the decision scale: a model for technology choice and policy analysis
Andrew MansonThe potential impact of water market reform and dairy deregulation for the Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Areas
Asim MaqboolA Comparison of Alternate Farming Systems Using Farm Level Economic Model For Emissions Credit
Sally P. Marsh and T. Gordon MacAulayFarm size and land use changes in Vietnam following land reforms: evidence from household surveys
Kef Mekonnen and Malcolm WegenerAnalysis of irrigation development using micro-storages in Ethiopia
Andreas Meyer-Aurich and Lothar TrüggelmannFinding the optimal balance between economical and ecological demands on agriculture – research results and model calculations for a Bavarian experimental farm
Marta Monjardino, David J. Pannell, and Stephen PowlesThe value of Roundup-Ready canola in a multi-weed farming system
Edwin MuchapondwaOptimal land-use in areas with wildlife and livestock: A study of CAMPFIRE in Zimbabwe
John Mullen and Dean PattonThe role of pastures in mixed livestock/crop systems in the Central West of NSW
Laurel MyersAustralian agricultural economics. Critical issues that shaped the profession – 1925-1950
Tom Nordblom, Randall E. Jones, and Richard W. MeddMeasuring economic and other benefits of a herbicide dose strategy that accounts for environmental variation
Doreen Odom, Oscar Cacho, Jack A. Sinden, and Garry R. GriffithPolicies for the management of weeds in natural ecosystems: a dynamic programming approach
Christopher J. O'Donnell and C. Richard ShumwayUsing model averaging to resolve uncertainty concerning functional form
Eric Omuru and Ross KingwellThe political economy of funding agricultural R&D in Papua New Guinea: a case study
Jamal OthmanLinking Freer Trade, Agricultural Land Demand and Haze Externalities in South East Asia
Jamal Othman and Jeff BennettEstimating Compensating and Equivalent Surplus of Resource Changes in a Single Choice Modelling Application
Jamal Othman and Rusmani MusaEstimating Non- Use Values of a Genetic Resource: Case of Fireflies, Malaysia
Hiromi Ouchi, Jill J. McCluskey, Kristine M. Grimsrud, and Thomas I. WahlConsumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Food Products in Japan
Kate Owen, Jordan Louviere, and John ClarkConsumer concern and acceptance of GM foods
Kate Owen, Penina Vatucawaqa, and Josephine ChandUnderstanding Food Choices in Fiji
Ashley Page and Jim LongmireBenefit Cost Analysis of Investment in Conservation Tillage and Soil Conservation
Jian-wei Pan, Neil Southorn, and Li-zhong ZhangAnimal Husbandry Industry in northern China: Issues and Prospects
Sushil Pandey, Tran Chi Thien, and Nguyen Tri KhiemMarket access, food security and upland rice: some micro-economic evidences from northern mountainous regions of Vietnam
David J. PannellProse, persistence and psychopaths: Personal perspectives on publishing
Dean Patton and John BrennanChanged payment system for wheat grades: The consequences for farming systems in the Central West of NSW
Elizabeth H. Petersen, Steven Schilizzi, and David BennettAn economic assessment of the role of commercial tree crops to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality in predominantly grazing systems of south-western Australia
John C.V. PezzeyA one-sided sustainability indicator for economies with environmental amenities
John C.V. PezzeyConcern for sustainable development in a sexual world
John C.V. PezzeySome economics of water resources and use in the ACT
Dan Phaneuf, Roger von Haefen, and George ParsonsKuhn-Tucker Recreation Demand Models with Large Choice Sets: An Application to Beach Recreation
Nicholas E. PiggottThe Nested PIGLOG Model: An Application to U.S. Food Demand
Kathryn J. Quade and John P. BrennanAnalysing the impact on Australia of ICARDA’s research on chickpeas
Muhammad E. Qureshi, J. Arunakumaren, and Malcolm K. WegenerEconomic and environmental impacts of irrigation management in Burdekin Deltas
Muhammad E. Qureshi and Malcolm K. WegenerImplications of alternative mill mud management options in the Australian sugar industry
Richard Reeve, Parakrama Aluwihare, and Jason CreanAssessing water sharing options in unregulated rivers in NSW
Budy P. ResosudarmoThe Economy-Wide Impact of the Integrated Food Crop Pest Management in Indonesia
Adam RobertsAccess Arrangements in the Australian Natural Gas Industry
Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, Fe Gabunada, and Ria MesoradoMarketing System for Small Livestock in the Philippines: The Case of Southern Leyte
Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen and Brian Bien RubzenInformation Needs of Western Australian Farmers in Relation to Precision Farming
John RolfeReducing Methane Emissions from Cattle Production in Central Queensland
John Rolfe, Shirley Gregor, and Don MenziesAssessing the costs and benefits of computers and internet use by landholders in Central Queensland
John Rolfe, Kamaljit Sangha, and Rajesh JalotaOpportunity costs of pasture rundown in Queensland: Is tree clearing viable over the longer term?
John Rolfe, Jill Windle, and Geoff BullpittWater Allocation Issues in the Fitzroy Basin
Amit Kumar SahaEconomic efficiencies of the dairy farming systems in Haryana, India: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
Günter SchamelThe Welfare Economics behind Multifunctionality
Steven SchilizziValuation of long-term environmental impacts: what role for discounting?
J. Fiona ScottDominance analysis of crop rotation trials
J. Fiona Scott and Bob FarquharsonFinding a win-win situation for salinity on the Liverpool Plains
Emayenesh Seyoum, Ellen Goddard, Donald MacLearn, and Garry GriffithModelling World Dairy Trade: The Potential Impact of Officially Supported Export Credit
Vijay Paul SharmaTrade Liberalization under WTO: Implications for the Indian Dairy Sector
Samjhana Shrestha, Mark Bell, and Paul MarcotteAssessing the Impact of Rice Research in Myanmar
Jack A. SindenThe costs of protecting native vegetation in New South Wales: the case of Moree Plains Shire
Rajinder Singh, Janelle Jenkins, Anthony Fanning, and John BrennanSystem-specific strategies for ameliorating soil acidity in the South-west Slopes of NSW
Rajinder Singh, John Mullen, Khaled Faour, and Robert WilliamsEconomic analysis of nitrogen use in rice in Australia
V.K. Singh and J. SinghDiversification or Specialisation! Are We on Right Path — Some Results from Haryana agriculture
Airton Spies, Malcolm Wegener, Shankariah Chamala, and Bob BeetonSustainability of the pig and poultry industries in Santa Catarina State, Brazil: Challenges for socio-economic researchers, extension professionals and operators
Gary Stoneham, Mark Eigenraam, Charlotte Duke, and Loris StrappazzonLandholder Entry into Environmental Schemes: an empirical examination of Victoria's 'Bushtender' policy
Gary Stoneham, Mark Eigenraam, Charlotte Duke, and Loris StrappazzonRiver pollution: a market-based solution
Loris Strappazzon, Mark Eigenraam, Gary Stoneham, and Charlotte DukeEnvironmental Markets and Property Right Structures
Loris Strappazzon, Mark Eigenraam, Rukman Wimalasuriya, and Gary StonehamEstimating Research Benefits when there is Input and Output Substitution: Putting Theory into Practice
Wei-Ming Tian, Zhang-Yue Zhou, and Jun-Lin ZhouThe Emerging Dairy Economy in China: Production, Consumption and Trade Prospects
Chris ToyneInventories and commodity price volatility: A test of the theory of storage
Ray TrewinAnalysis of market shares of processed food exports to Japan
Dang Dinh TrungCoffee and subsistence production: complementarity or competition? A case study from an Ede (Rhade) village in Vietnam
Martin van BuerenAn International Review of Environmental Markets and Trading Programs
David VanzettiSimulating the impact on developing countries of market access reform
Guang Hua WanConvergence in Food Consumption in Rural China: Evidence from Household Survey Data
Guang Hua Wan and Jiangao NiuMacroeconomic Policy and Household Demand in Rural China: The Role of Precautionary Savings and Liquidity Constraints
Bill Watson, Nigel Hall, Barry Croke, and Rebecca LetcherIntegrated Catchment Modelling and Management of Salinity: The TARGET Project Case Study
Stewart WebsterPrivate incentives for on-farm management of Ovine Johne's disease
Ben WhiteOptimal Dynamic Monitoring of Biodiversity Conservation Schemes in Agriculture
Stuart Whitten and Jeff BennettTargeting incentives for policy: Linking bio-economic modelling to on-ground outcomes
Chris WilsonForecast errors in global population projections: implications for food
Trevor Wilson and Zoe GlassonRe-visiting cost recovery for government services
Jill Windle and John RolfeWhose Values Count: Using Choice Modelling to Assess Values Held by Indigenous People for Floodplain Development
Tennille Winter, David J. Pannell, and Laura McCannThe Economics of Desalination and its Potential Application in Australia
Antje WirthgenConsumer Preferences for Environmentally Friendly Produced Food
Russell Wise and Oscar CachoA bioeconomic analysis of soil carbon sequestration in agro-forests
Piyanuch WuttisornInstitutional Aspects of Water Policy and Reforms in Thailand
Els WynenThe economics of organic cereal- livestock farming in Australia revisited
Els Wynen and David VanzettiIs an international Soil Convention feasible? A comparative analysis
Xian Xin, Guang-Hua Wan, and Xiao-Yun LiuFeedgrain Trade Flows in China and Responses to Price Changes
Nuri Dewi Yanti and Sarah LumleySustainability analysis of local and transmigrant farming systems in tidal swamplands: a case study in South Borneo, Indonesia
Li-Qing Zhang, Wei-Ming Tian, and Zhang-Yue ZhouChina's PSE: Are Chinese Farmers Subsidised?
Xueyan Zhao, Kym Anderson, and Glyn WittwerWho Gains from Australian Generic Wine R&D and Promotion?

Pre-conference Workshop


WTO: Issues for Developing Countries

Developing countries will play a much greater role in future agricultural negotiations in the WTO than occurred during the Uruguay Round. This became readily apparent during the Ministerial level WTO meetings in Seattle in 1999 and in Doha in 2001. Agricultural economists in developing countries are likely to play a key role in developing and influencing their policy positions.
The objective of the workshop is to create a venue for effective interaction between agricultural trade economists from Australia and developing countries with the aims of:
  • Building capacity of economists in the developing countries in Asia with respect to economic trade policy issues likely to arise in the forthcoming World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations on the Agreement on Agriculture
  • Improving the understanding of Australian trade economists of the issues of importance to developing countries so that they can be taken into account in research and decision-making
  • Improving networking between Australian agricultural economists and their counterparts in developing Asian economies
Session One: Key issues for developing countries (Chair: Ron Duncan)
Bruce Gosper, Office of Trade Negotiations, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade 
Cristina David, Philippines Institute for Development Studies, Philippines 
Funing Zhong, Nanjing Agricultural University, China 
Session Two: Key issues for developing countries (Chair: Ray Trewin)
Sherman Robinson, IFPRI 
Nipon Poapongsakorn, Thai Development Research Institute, Thailand 
Pham Lan Huong, Central Institute for Economic Management, Vietnam 
Session Three: Trade Preferences and capacity building issues (Chair: AusAID)
Fran Freeman, ABARE 
Ir Erwidodo, Centre for Socio Economic Research on Forestry and Estate Crops, Indonesia 
Rajesh Mehta, Research and Information System for the non-aligned and other developing countries (RIS), India 
Session Four: WTO accession by developing countries (Chair: Paul Morris)
Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide 
Hang Chuon Naron, Deputy Secretary General and Economic Assistant to the Prime Minister Ministry of Economy and Finance, Royal Government of Cambodia  
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