AARES Conference 2003

47th AARES Conference
Fremantle, WA, 12 -14 February 2003
Photos from the 47th AARES Conference in Fremantle are available here.

Plenary and Invited Papers

Below is a list of invited papers, with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).

Opening Plenary

John Freebairn, University of MelbourneEconomic policy for rural and regional Australia

Presidential Address


Allan Lloyd Address

Phil Pardey, University of Minnesota, USAPublic and private agricultural R&D: Global perspectives
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Plenary 1

David Pannell, University of Western AustraliaEffectively communicating economics to policy makers

Plenary 2

John Quiggin, Australian National UniversityProduction, uncertainty and finance

Invited Speaker Session on "Current Issues in Farm Management"

Lisa Brennan and Bob McCown, CSIROMaking farm management research relevant to farm management practice
Sandra Martin and Keith Woodford, Lincoln University, NZThe farm management profession: Where are our roots?

Invited Speaker Session on "Marketing Insights for Models of Consumer Demand"

Nick Piggott, North Carolina State University, USADoes Food Safety Information Impact U.S. Meat Demand?
Vic Wright, University of New EnglandDeterminants of product value

Contributed Papers

Below is a list of contributed papers (in alphabetical order by authors surname), with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).
Frank W. AgbolaPulse Policy Reform in India: Effects on Production, Prices and Trade
Frank W. Agbola and Maylene Y. DamoenseAn empirical examination of import demand for pulses in India
Frank W. Agbola, Maylene Y. Damoense, and Yvonne K. SainiHIV/AIDS and South Africa Agriculture
Fredoun Z. Ahmadi-Esfahani Testing the LOOP in the Chinese Wholesale Food Markets
Andrew R. Alford, Garry R. Griffith, and Oscar J. CachoFarm-level Economic Evaluation of Net Feed Efficiency in Australia's Southern Beef Cattle Production System
Julian M. Alston, Jeffrey Hyde, Michele C. Marra, and Paul D. MitchellAn Ex Ante Analysis of the Benefits from the Adoption of Corn Rootworm Resistant, Transgenic Corn Technology
I Gusti Agung Ayu Ambarawati, Xueyan Zhao, Garry Griffith, and Roley PiggottDistribution of Gains from Cattle Development in a Multi- Stage Production System: The Case of the Bali Beef Industry
George AntonyTransition Economics Somewhere Unexpected: The Australian Sugar Industry
Premchandra AthukoralaFood Safety Issues, Trade and WTO Rules: A Developing Country Perspective
Annette Baumann, Sarah Lumley, Dennis Rumley, and Alan FennaWestern Australian Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Canola (Brassica napus)
Anne Bennett, Alex Edward, Allan Herbert, Ross Kingwell, Caroline Peek, and David RogersChanging farming systems - Financial implications for farming businesses
Eran BinenbaumThe Intellectual Property Strategy of International Agricultural Research Centers
Shyamol Kumar Biswas and Mohammad Abdul WadudAn Analysis of Meat Demand in Bangladesh using Long-run Almost Ideal Demand System
Lisa Brennan, Stuart Brown, Neal Dalgliesh, Chris Smith, Brian Keating, Michael Robertson, Brett Cocks, and Gordon McLachlanEconomic and environmental benefits/risks of precision agriculture and mosaic farming
Benjamin Buetre, Gil Rodriguez, and Hom PantData issues in general equilibrium modelling
Evan Burt, John Blake, and Graeme McConnellPoorer Performing Paddocks; do we: Invest in amelioration, Vary input rates or Cull areas from the cropping system
Kay Cao, Oswin Maurer, and Frank ScrimgeourEstimating the cost of food safety regulation to the New Zealand Seafood Industry
Timothy N. Cason, Lata Gangadharan, and Charlotte DukeMarket Power in Tradable Emission Markets: A Laboratory Testbed for Emission Trading in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria
Hui-Shung (Christie) Chang, Claire Dagaas, Nenita de Castro, Roberto Ranola, Angel Lambio, and Maria Luz MalabayuabasAn overview of the Philippine duck industry
Hui-Shung (Christie) Chang, William Martel, and Robert BarryExamining AWB's market power in the international wheat market
Hai-Jing Chen, Miao-Juan Lin, Joyce Jong-Wen Wann, and Yi-Chieh ChenConsumers' Willingness -to-Pay on the Biotechnological Health Food: The Case of the Glossy Ganoderma Products
Helena Clayton and Donna BrennanThe economics of land degradation and technological change: a case study in Vietnam
Ken ClementsThree Facts about Marijuana Prices
Jack Cocks and Hamish GowSupplier Relationship Development in the Food Industry of Transition Economies:The Role of Independent Facilitators
Sylvia B. Concepcion and Marilou O. MontiflorPerceptions Of Southern Mindanao Farmers On Quality Of Vegetables
Giovanni B. Concu and Steven SchilizziA Methodological Approach to the Spatial Aggregation of Values
Jeffery D. Connor and Melissa BrightWhich Market Based Instrument Approaches to Natural Resource Management?
David CookDevising a Method of 'Expected Damage' Estimation for an Polyphagous Invertebrate Pest Exotic to Western Australia
Ian Cooper, Nam Nguyen, and Jon HancockRotations, Risk and Reward: Farming system choice on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia
Peter Coyle and Chris MayberryState Government support for WA farmers experiencing adverse seasons in 1998 to 2001: A comment
William Coyle and Walter ArmbrusterRole of Food Safety in the Pacific Food
Lin Crase and Darryl MayberyPersonality, Objectives, Attitudes, Intentions and Behaviour: Modelling the Adoption of Current Recommended Practice by Farmers in the NSW Murray Catchment
Jason CreanAgri-environmental conservation - the case for an environmental levy
Jim CrosthwaiteWhole farm considerations in the design of management agreements
Kynda R. Curtis, Thomas I. Wahl, and Jill J. McCluskeyConsumer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Food Products in the Developing World
Siobhan K. Dent, Roley R. Piggott, Christopher J. O'Donnell, and Garry R. GriffithDoes Excluding Cross-commodity Interactions Matter? Beef and Lamb in Australia
Larry Digal and Luis HualdaQuality grading in the supply chain: The case of vegetables in Southern Philippines
Gerald DoeksenEconomic Tools for Planning Health Services in Remote Rural Areas
Peter Donaghy, John Rolfe, and Jeff BennettConsumer demands for organic and genetically modified foods
Peter Dunn and Steven SchilizziValuation of public environmental assets by private companies: optimal dust abatement and air quality
Christopher Fleming and Robert AlexanderMultiple Species Bioeconomic Models: An Empirical Analysis
Felicity Flugge and Steven SchilizziGreenhouse Gas Abatement Policies and the Value of Carbon Sinks: Do Grazing and Cropping Systems have Different Destinies?
Mary Ann Franco-DixonWater and its Role in the Queensland Economy
Rob FraserOn the use of targeting to reduce moral hazard in agri-environmental schemes
Keith FuglieProductivity Growth in Indonesian Agriculture, 1961-2000
Joe Gaffy and Oliver GylesEconomic Evaluation of Irrigated Dairy Forage Production
Ananda Ghose, Peter Eckersley, and David CookCost Sharing in Animal Disease Management: A Case Study of Footrot in Sheep Industry
Ellen Goddard, John Freebairn and Garry GriffithIssues in evaluating generic promotion in the food chain
David Godden and Don VernonTheoretical Issues in Using Offsets for Managing Biodiversity
Simon GordonEconomic Instruments for Nonpoint Source Water Pollution: Options for the Swan-Canning River System
Hamish Gow and Mariana LimaInstitutional Responses to Market Deregulation: The Case of Illy CaffÅ  and the Brazilian Coffee Sector
Hamish Gow, Lance Oliver, and Neil GowCreating Value through Customer Relationship Management: Evidence from the New Zealand Meat Sector
Quentin Grafton, Kevin Fox, and Tom KompasIndex Number Profit Decompositions and Productivity Measurements in Fisheries
Quentin Grafton and Dorian OwenA General To Specific Modelling Approach for Testing the Effects of Economic and Social Factors on Environmental Performance
Mary Graham and Iain FraserScale Efficiency in Australian Dairy Farms
Tennille Graham, Ben White, and David PannellEfficiency Policies for Salinity Management: Preliminary Research from a Spatial and Dynamic Model
Romy Greiner and John RolfeEstimating consumer surplus from tourist visitation to a region in North Queensland using contingent valuation
Oliver GylesValuing Benefits of Increasing Irrigation Water Use Efficiency
Arthur Ha, Loris Strappazzon, Terry O'Neill, and Gary StonehamBushTender Participation in First Bidding: What are the Characteristics of Rural Landholders who Participated?
Atakelty Hailu and Steven SchilizziInvestigating the performance of market-based instruments for resource conservation: the contribution of agent-based modelling
Stefan Hajkowicz and Mike YoungEconomic Impacts of Dryland Salinity for Grains Industries
Nigel Hall, Allan Nicholson, Mark Oliver, Sandra Walpole, and Bill WatsonFarm economics of land use change in the central west of NSW under the TARGET project
Michael HarrisDepreciation and obsolescence in natural resource accounting
Darla Hatton MacDonald, Mary Barnes, and Michael D. YoungEver increasing standards? Should we ask what the customer wants?
Robyn Hean, Oscar Cacho, and Ken MenzTemporary carbon storage and discount rates
Tracy HendersonEvaluation Of Collaborative Research And Development: Insights From A Survey Of Sugar Industry Researchers
Thia HennessyModelling Structural Change for Policy Analysis in Irish Agriculture
Greg HertzlerA Stochastic Differential Equation for Modeling the "Classical" Probability Distributions
Shirshore Hagi Hirad, Rohan Nelson, Neil Andrews, and Ian ShawComparing the effects of different approaches to liberalising world grains markets
Christie Ho, Richard Nesseler, Peter Doyle, and Bill MalcolmFuture Dairy Farming Systems In Irrigation Regions
Ziaul Hoque, Bob Farquharson, Ian Taylor, Steve Walker, Vikki Osten, and Randall JonesThe economic cost of weeds in dryland cotton production systems of Australia
Phil Hughes and Michael SchueleLand Use in the Australian Rangelands
Nazrul IslamWhat Does a Dry Season Mean to the Western Australian Economy? - A CGE Investigation
Hiroyuki Iwamoto, Yasutaka Yamamoto, Kazuo Sato, and Manabu SawadaEffects of HACCP and Eco Label on Japanese Consumer Choice of Milk
Lee Ann JacksonWho Benefits from Quality Labelling? Segregation Costs, International Trade and Producer Outcomes
Lee Ann Jackson and Kym AndersonWhy Are US and EU Policies Toward GMOs so Different?
Waqar A. Jehangir, Muhammad Ashfaq, and Evan ChristenResource Use And Farm Productivity Under Conjunctive Water Management In Pakistan
Tingsong JiangChina's WTO Accession and Regional Economies
Peter Johnson and Nazrul IslamAgricultural Processing and the WA Economy: A General Equilibrium Analysis
Randall Jones, Oscar Cacho, and Jack SindenModelling the dynamics of weed management technologies
Noor Al-Huda Abdul Karim, Paul C. Winters, Tim J. Coelli, and Euan FlemingForeign direct investment in manufacturing sector in Malaysia
Geoff KerrExtra-market values and water management
Ross KingwellInstitutional change and plant variety provision in Australia
Tom Kompas and Nhu CheA Practical Optimal Quarantine Measure
Tom Kompas and Nhu CheEfficiency Gains and Cost Reductions from Individual Transferable Quotas: A Stochastic Cost Frontier for the Australian South East Fishery
Bonwoo Koo, Philip G. Pardey, Keming Qian, and Yi ZhangThe Economics of Generating and Maintaining Plant Variety Rights in China
Bob LindnerAccess Issues for Plant Breeders in an Increasingly Privatized World
Xiaohe Liu and Donald MacLarenThe WTO SPS Agreement in Action: Disputes over China's Exports of Vegetables to Japan
Rick S. Llewellyn, Robert K. Lindner, David J. Pannell, and Stephen B. PowlesEffective information and the influence of an extension event on perceptions and adoption
Alexandra Lobb and Rob FraserImplications of Recent Australian Wheat Industry Developments for Domestic and Overseas Prices
Donald MacLarenConsumer Preferences, Credence Goods and the WTO SPS Agreement
Hajnalka Madai and Guszt v VanyaiRisk and Risk Management in the Hungarian Dairy and Sheep Production
Nerlita M. ManaliliLinking Farmers to Markets Through Cooperatives Vegetables Supply Chain Redesign Options for Kapatagan, Mindanao, Philippines
Sally P. Marsh and T. Gordon MacAulayFarm size and land use changes in Vietnam following land reforms
Tom MarshElasticities for U.S. Wheat Food Use by Class
Graham MarshallTowards a Resource Economics for Adaptive Managers
Murray McGregor, Fay Rola-Rubzen, Roy Murray-Prior, John Dymond, and Martin BentFarm Management - Bugger the roots, where is the future?
Mark Morrison and Steve Hatfield-DoddsValuing Public Goods When Respondents Don't Have to Pay
Mark Morrison and Jim OpaluchPoor Questionnaire Design, Warm Glow or Genuine Preferences: Explaining Yea-saying in Stated Preference Surveys
John Mullen, Rajinder P. Singh, John Brennan, Tim Farrell, Robert Williams, Russell Reinke, and Laurie LewinEconomic Analysis of Improving Cold Tolerance in Rice in Australia
Roy B. Murray-Prior, Fay Rola-Rubzen, Murray McGregor, and Peter BattA pluralistic methodology for analysing supply chains
Roy B. Murray-Prior, J. Whish, P. Carberry, and N. DalgleishCombining biophysical and price simulations to assess the economics of long -term crop rotations
Kurt Nielsen and Peter BogetoftDEA Based Yardstick Competition in Natural Resource Management
Tom Nordblom, Andrew Bathgate, and Rob YoungDerivation of supply curves for catchment water effluents meeting specific salinity concentration targets in 2050: Linking farm and catchment level models
Doreen Odom, J.A. Sinden, Oscar Cacho, and Garry R. GriffithEconomic Issues in the Management of Plants Invading Natural Environments: Scotch Broom in Barrington Tops National Park
Christopher J. O'Donnell, Garry R. Griffith, John J. Nightingale and Roley R. PiggottTesting for Market Power in the Australian Grains and Oilseeds Industries: Further Results
Rina OktavianiBank Restructuring and its Implication on Indonesian Macro Economy and Agricultural Sector
Susan Olivia and John GibsonUnit Value Biases in the Demand for Meat in Indonesia
Adam Ozanne and Ben WhiteAgri-environment Policy Design With Hidden Information and Hidden Action: Input Quotas vs Input Charges
Phil Pagan and Jack PezzeySome Economics of ACT Water Resources: Determining Initial “Cap” Entitlements for the ACT
John C.V. PezzeyEmission taxes and tradable permits: a comparison of views on long run efficiency
John C.V. Pezzey, Karen Turner, and Nick HanleyAugmented sustainability measures for Scotland
Jo PluskeEconomics in plant breeding: A case focussing on doubled haploid technology
Dan Rigby and Michael BurtonCapturing Preference Heterogeneity in Stated Choice Models: A Random Parameter Logit Model of the Demand for GM Food
David Robinson and Shahbaz KhanEconomic tradeoffs for managing offsite impacts of irrigation areas
Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen and Fe GabunadaCapacity building of smallholder livestock farmers in Western Leyte, Philippines
John Rolfe and Jeff BennettWTP and WTA in relation to irrigation development in the Fitzroy Basin, Queensland
Glenn Ronan, Greg Cox, and Simon HowlettThe True Story of Why Chickens Cross The Road: Consumer Demand, Processor Growing Contracts and Market Regulation in the Australian Chicken Meat Industry
Guenter SchamelThe Dynamics of Food Product Reputation Indicators
Steven SchilizziDeciding with long-term environmental impacts: what role for discounting?
Frank Scrimgeour and Jane GallenUse Values of Forests in Pohnpei
Emayenesh Seyoum, Ellen Goddard, Donald MacLaren, and Garry GriffithInternational Trade in Dairy Product: Processors Market Power
Phil Simmons, Ian Patrick, and Paul WintersEvaluation of a Hybrid Seed Contract Between Smallholders and an MNC in East Java, Indonesia
Leo K. Simon, Sophie Thoyer, Sylvie Morardet, Rachael E. Goodhue, Patrick Rio, and Gordon C. RausserStructure and bargaining power in multilateral negotiations: Application to water management policies in France
Sant Kumar SinghFarm credit, its sources and pattern of Utilisation - An empirical analysis
Le Xuan Sinh, Thomas Gordon MacAulay, and Donna BrennanBioeconomic Modelling of Shrimp Hatchery in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
A.S. SolankiEquity issues and their socio-economic impact in a tribal dominated irrigation project of India
A.S. SolankiInter organization water conflicts and their resolution in Som Kadgar tribal dominated irrigation project of Rajasthan - India
Deborah TempletonResearch Evaluation to Increase Impact
Deborah Templeton, Tim Coelli, Roley R. Piggott, and Garry R. GriffithAssessing the Economic Impact of Wool Quality-enhancing Technologies: A Dual Modelling Approach
Lindsay TrapnellAn Investigation into the Net Benefits of Revegetating Agricultural Land in the Dryland Section of the Goulburn-Broken Catchment Area
Graham Trengove and Andrew MansonOptimising broadacre crop rotations using dynamic programming
Martin van Bueren and David VincentEucalypt Biomass Fuels: Price competitive or way off the money?
Guszt v Vanyai and Hajnalka MadaiSupply Chains in Hungarian Agriculture
Mohammud Abdul Wadud and Shyamol Kumar BiswasAgricultural Output Growth through Efficiency Improvement in Developing Countries with reference to Bangladesh
Xiaolu Wang and Ron DuncanRural-Urban Income Disparity and WTO Impact on China’s Agricultural Sector: Policy Considerations
Joyce Jong-Wen Wann, Chi-Yuan Huang, and Hai-Jing ChenProduct Differentiation and Market Competition of Fresh Milk Firms in Taiwan
Stuart Whitten, James Salzman, Dave Shelton, and Wendy ProctorMarkets for ecosystem services: Applying the concepts
Luke WilsonRegulating Ports: Competition in South Australian Port Services for Grain
Russell Wise and Oscar CachoTree/Crop interactions and their environmental and economic implications in the presence of carbon sequestration payments
Anita Wreford and Caroline SaundersGreenhouse gas emissions from livestock production
Piyanuch Wuttisorn, T. Gordon MacAulay, and Robert L. BatterhamModelling Water Use in Thailand
Nuri Dewi Yanti, Sarah Lumley, and Dennis RumleyFarming Systems in Swampland Ecosystem: A Case Study in Indonesia
John Young and Andrew BathgateExperiences with whole-farm simulation models for farm management decision making
Jing Zhang, Greg Hertzler, and Michael BurtonValuing Western Australia's Recreational Fisheries
Xueyan ZhaoDrugs as a Rational Choice: Preliminary Explorations of Marijuana Consumption in Australia

Pre-conference Workshops


Dryland Salinity: Economic Issues from Farm, Catchment and Policy Levels

Session One: Hydrology
Session Two: Linking Hydrology and Economics
Robyn Hean, NSW AgriculturePrinciples and Suggestions for the Combination of Hydrology and Economic Models for Salinity Management
Session Three: Investment Theory
Michael Burton and Jonelle Black, University of Western AustraliaThe WA Salinity Investment Framework: reflections on its implementation
Stefan Hajkowicz and Mike Young, CSIROA Multicriteria Approach to Regional Environmental Fund Allocation in Queensland
Session Four: Overview and Policy
Session Five: Industry
Lyndon Zimmerman and Ian Nuberg, University of AdelaideIndustry Development and Dryland Salinity: Multiple Products, Multiple Pathways
Amir Abadi and Don Cooper, DAWAImagine: A Model for Evaluating the Commercial Viability of Perennial Woody Crops Integrated into Agricultural Farming Systems
Session Six: Policy Design
Session Seven: Open Discussion (Chair: David Pannell)

Managing Climate Risk in Agriculture

Honourable Kim Chance, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesManaging Climate Risk in Agriculture
Blair Trewin, Bureau of MeteorologyClimate Monitoring and Seasonal Outlooks
Ian Foster, Western Australia Department of AgricultureSeasonal Forecast Systems
David Stephens, Western Australia Department of AgricultureRecent Advances in Crop Yield Forecasting
Amir Abadi, Western Australia Department of AgricultureFarmer’s, Consultants and Lenders Learning to Manage Risk
Ross Kingwell and Michele John, Western Australia Department of AgricultureClimate Change and Optimal Farm Plans in Western Australia
Peter Hayman, NSW AgricultureManaging Climate Risk in the East: Choices, Chances and Consequences
Sushil Pandey, International Rice Research InstituteClimate Risk and Adaptations in Asia
Alan Asselstine, Agriculture and Agri-Food CanadaCanada's Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance Programs
Final Session: Industry Perspectives and Priorities
Paul McKenzie, Agrarian Management 
Bob Hall, JRL Hall & CoE.C. Assistance - A New Approach
Dennis Wise, ProFarmer Australia 
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