AARES Conference 2004

48th AARES Conference
Melbourne, Victoria, 11-13 February 2004
Photos from the 48th AARES Conference in Melbourne are available here.

Plenary and Invited Papers

Below is a list of invited papers. Copies of the full papers may be obtained by email to the AARES Office Manager.

Opening Plenary

Jon Altman, Australian National UniversityEconomic development and indigenous Australia: Contestations over property, institutions and ideology
Frank Scrimgeour and John Gibson, University of Waikato, NZMaori in the 21st Century: Wealth, resources and institutions

Presidential Address

Bill Malcolm, University of Melbourne 

Distinguished Fellows Address

Terry Anderson, University of Montana, USAProperty rights and natural resource management

Plenary 1

Vic Adamovicz, University of Alberta, CanadaAdvances in environmental valuation: What's it worth?

Plenary 2

Suzi Kerr, Motu, NZLand use, climate change and tradeable permit markets

Contributed Papers

Below is a list of contributed papers (in alphabetical order by authors surname), with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).
Andrew R. Alford, Oscar J. Cacho, and Garry R. GriffithEvaluating Beef Production Technologies and Their Impact On the Sustainability of Grazing Systems: A Stochastic Dynamic Optimisation Model
Tihomir Ancev, Brett Whelan, and Alex McBratneyOn the Economics of Precision Agriculture: Technical, Informational and Environmental Aspects
Kym Anderson and Lee Ann JacksonStandards, trade and protection: the case of GMO's
Walter J. Armbruster and William T. CoyleDemographic Change and the Pacific Food System Outlook
Charles BettFarm level adoption decisions of modified terraces and ridges in semi-arid eastern Kenya
Kevin Boyle, Mark Morrison, and Laura TaylorWhy Value Estimates Generated Using Choice Modelling Exceed Contingent Valuation: Further Experimental Evidence
Donna BrennanPrice formation on the Northern Victorian water exchange
John P. Brennan and Kathryn J. QuadeMeasuring the impacts of improving research capacity: The case of training in wheat disease resistance
John P. Brennan, Fiona S. Thorne, Paul W. Kelly, and Gordon M. MurrayDefining the costs of an outbreak of Karnal bunt of wheat
Kay Cao and Frank ScrimgeourHACCP/RMP adoption in the New Zealand Meat Industry
Hui-Shung ChangLabelling issues of organic and GM foods in Australia
Hui-Shung Chang and Paul KristiansenSelling Australia as "clean and green"
Michael ClasenSuccess factors of digital markets in the agricultural and food industry
Dave Collins and Brian DavidsonEstimating Distributional Impacts of an Innovation Across Sectors in an Industry: A case study of the Australian wool industry
Jeff ConnorMarket based instruments for salinity in the River Murray
David Cook, Rob Fraser, Andrew Wilby, Jefrey K. Waage, and John D. MumfordBeyond the Biosecurity Horizon
Rob CrambSocial Capital and Soil Conservation: The Case of Landcare in the Philippines
Kynda R. Curtis and Jill J. McCluskeyImpacts of the Westernization of food preferences on medical costs in China
Brian DavidsonThe Problems of Establishing Prices for Water Irrigation
Stephane De Cara, Martin Houze, and Pierre-Alain JayetGreenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in Europe: A spatial assessment of sources and abatement costs
Peter Donaghy, John Rolfe, and Jeff BennettQuasi-option values for enhanced information regarding GM foods
Ron DuncanChina's WTO Accession: the implications for economic policies
Mark Eastburn and Mark MorrisonWhat is the Value of a Brand? Branding in the Australian domestic beef market
Miriam EdwardsClimatic risk in agriculture: weather derivatives
Lisa Elliston, Alasebu Yainshet, and Ray HindeIncursion Management – an agent based modelling approach
Ben English, Taron Brearley, and Anthea CogganGetting the government's feet wet: environmental flow management in the Murray
Bob Farquharson, J.M. Morgan and John P. BrennanAn economic value of osmoregulation gene (or) technology to the Australian wheat industry
Terence FarrellGrower Representation and its impact on the Governance and Structure of the Australian Grains Industry
Rob FraserA Method for Evaluating the Extent to which Farms Subsidies can be De-coupled Before Profitable Arable Land is Abandoned in the European Union
Ananda Ghose and Chris HawkinsA bio-economic evaluation of the American foulbrood (afb) control program in Western Australia
Mary GrahamEnvironmental efficiency: meaning and measurement and application to Australian dairy farms
Jared Greenville and Gordon MacAulayA bioeconomic model of a marine park
Jared Greenville and Gordon MacAulayTariffs and Steel: The US safeguard actions
Romy Greiner, Natalie Stoeckl, and Roman SchweigertEstimating community benefits from tourism
David HarrisProducer adjustment to policy reform-a case study on the Australian dairy industry
Michael Harris and Leonie PearsonUsing 'Inclusive Wealth' to Measure and Model Sustainable Development in Australia
Sallyann HarveyDryland salinity, economic policy and biodiversity conservation: a review
Steve Hatfield Dodds, Carl Binning, and Brenda DyackLeveraging Landscape Change: Instrument design for supporting the evolution of new natural resource industry niches
Bronwyn Hatwell and Jo PluskeThe cost of segregating GM canola: A case study
Greg HertzlerOption-Pricing Methods for Weather Derivatives and Yield Index Insurance
Christine M. HillEconomic benefits and costs of tree planting for salinity control
Christie Ho, Daniel Armstrong, Peter Doyle, and Bill MalcolmImpacts of changing water price and availability on irrigated dairy farms in Northern Victoria
Phillip HoneFood Choice and Nutrition in Fiji
Julia HorganModelling water consumption and the impact of watering restrictions
Paula HorneIncentive based contracts in conservation of forest biodiversity - a choice experiment approach
Ishrat Hossain, Jonathan Yoder, Francis M. Epplin, and Damona DoyeMoral Hazard, Division of Labour, and Contract Duration in Agricultural Land Leases
Phil Hughes, Michael Schuele, and Annette WeierEnvironmental regulatory arrangements and aquaculture
Pham Van Hung, Gordon MacAulay, and Sally MarshEconomics of land fragmentation in the north of Vietnam
Michele John and Ross KingwellClimate change and its impacts on broadacre farmers' profits and management of salinity
Robin JohnsonFurther Thoughts on the Relations between Government and its Advisors
Randall Jones, Oscar Cacho, and Jack SindenThe importance of risk and tactical decision making in determining the long-term benefits of IWM
Randall Jones and Peter DowlingDetermining the sustainability of grazing systems: A case study of degraded perennial grass based grazing systems on the NSW Central Tablelands
Cheryl KalischPolicy Considerations associated with Biological Introductions: the case of Plant Based Solutions to Salinity
Pamela Kaval, John Loomis, and David TheobaldUsing GIS to Investigate the Relationship between Stakeholder Opinion about Wildfire and Landscape Context
Ahmad Ali Kehkha, Oscar Cacho, and Brian HardakerWater Resources Management Focusing on Drought Mitigation In Iran: The case of the Sistan Region
John Kennedy and Rognvaldur HannessonChoice of Instruments for Regulating Fisheries under Uncertainty
Geoff Kerr & Basil M.H. SharpLost Streams: Off-site mitigation evaluation using choice modelling
S.A. Khairo and George E. BatteseA Study of Technical Inefficiencies of Subsistence Maize Farmers in Ethiopia
Medihah KhatepImpacts of Emissions Charges on Maori Employment
Phillip Killicoat and Eran BinenbaumThe Diffusion of Canola in Australian Broadacre Cropping (1975-2000)
Ross KingwellInternalising agriculture's external costs: farm diversification issues
Donald MacLaren and Liu XiaoheA Potential Free Trade Area involving China, Japan and Korea and its Implications for Agricultural Trade
Andrew Manson and Ian BlackThe impact of agricultural research and development on a state economy: An application of the Monash multi-regional forecasting model
Sally P Marsh, T. Gordon MacAulay, and Le Huu AnhFarm income and income diversity in Vietnam's small household farms
Sally P. Marsh, Nguyen Quoc Chinh, and T. Gordon MacAulayCredit use in farm households in Vietnam: Implications for rural credit policy
Antony Miller, Loris Strappazzon, Nicola Lansdell, and Rukman WimalasuriyaComparing the Economic Efficiency of a Procurement Auction Under Different Information Revelation Assumptions
Rocio Moreno-Sanchez, Jorge Maldonado, and Ian SheldonThe Role of Scavengers in a Dynamic Model of Solid-Waste Disposal and Recycling in Developing Countries
Stuart Mounter, Garry R. Griffith, and Roley R. PiggottAdvertising and the Australian Pig Industry: Allowing for Trade
John MullenThe Contribution of ACIAR to Grain Market Reform in China
Craig Nalder and Mark MorrisonValuing Improvements to the Quality of Electricity Supply Using Choice Modelling
Mark Neal, Ross Drynan, and Bill FulkersonOptimising profit in a whole-farm model under conditions of risk
Liz Nolan and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniTeaching agricultural economics: A case study from the University of Sydney
Tom Nordblom, Iain Hume, and Andrew BathgateEnvelopes of catchment water-yield and salt-load targets attainable with plantbased management of dryland salinity
Albert Ofei-Mensah and Jeff BennettTransaction costs and the assessment of greenhouse policies in the transport energy sector
Phil Pagan and Lin CraseDoes adaptive management deliver in the Australian water sector?
David J. PannellFlat earth economics: Is the common occurrence of flat payoff functions the most important empirical finding of production economics?
Elizabeth Petersen, Geoff Muldoon, and Bill JohnstonMarket Analysis of Live Reef Fish Food Trade in Asia-Pacific
Daniel Phaneuf, Michele Marra, and Julian AlstonThe Non-Pecuniary Benefits of Biotechnology: Some Evidence from a Survey of Corn Producers in the United States
Jo Pluske and Michael BurtonThe value of new lupin varieties from a farmer perspective
Prabha Prayaga, John Rolfe, and Jack SindenUsing the Travel cost method to estimate the value of special events in regional areas
John QuigginThe incompleteness hypothesis and the precautionary principle
Mitch Renkow and Bram TuckerMarket Behaviour of Hunter-Gatherers: Evidence from the Mikea Forest of Madagascar
Michael Reynolds, John P. Brennan, and Brian DearEffects of pasture species on sustainability of rotations in southern NSW
David Robinson and Shahbaz KhanThe value of end-of-season allocation forecasts for irragators in the Murrumbidgee Valley
John Rolfe and Jeff BennettAssessing social values of water allocations with the contingent valuation method
John Rolfe, Stewart Lockie, and Maree FranettovichEconomic impacts of coal mining on small country towns - A case study of Nebo
Glenn Ronan and Philip TaylorStrategic Planning and Benchmarking: Keys to Sustainable Economic Development in Food and Fibre Industries
Catherine M. Saunders and Bill Kaye-BlakeStrategic Planning and Benchmarking: Keys to Sustainable Economic Development in Food and Fibre Industries
Catherine M. Saunders and Anita WrefordModelling the impact of mitigation policies to meet Kyoto requirements: Using the LTEM to assess the impact on trade
Helen Scarborough, Jeff Bennett, and Rodney CarrUsing Choice Modelling to Investigate Equity Preferences
Jim ScottWhole farm analysis - Fertiliser nitrogen can reduce deep drainage and increase profitability
Benjamin Shank, Ellen W. Goddard, John W. Freebairn, and Garry R. GriffithDynamic Industry Structure and Benefit Pass Through Rates from Generic and Brand Advertising
Benjamin Shank, Ellen W. Goddard, John W. Freebairn, and Garry R. GriffithPricing Games in Poultry Markets: The Cases of Eggs in Australia and Chicken in Canada
Michael Schuele, Phil Hughes, and Annette WeierEnvironmental regulatory arrangements and aquaculture
Rajinder Singh, Khaled Faour, Liz Humphreys, David Smith, and John MullenEconomic Evaluation of Growing Crops after Rice in the Rice-Based Farming Systems in Australia
Alexander SmajglModelling the effect of learning and evolving rules on the use of common-pool resources - Simulations in an agent-based model
Daniel Spring and John O. KennedyExistence values and optimal timber-wildlife management in a flammable forest
I Gusti L.P. Tanaya, Murray McGregor, and Peter BattBuyer-Seller relationships in dryland farming supply chains in Lombok Indonesia
Carolyn TannerWTO Negotiations on Agriculture
Wei-Ming Tian and Zhang-Yue ZhouAgricutural Trade Reforms and Development of International Agricultural Market: Implications for China and Australia
Thanh Be Tran and T. Gordon MacAulayAn Optimising Budget Model for Resource Allocation in a Provincial Extension System in Vietnam
Michael Vardon and Stuart PeevorWater Statistics and Water Accounting by the ABS
David T. Vere, Glen Wittwer, Garry R. Griffith, and Randall E. JonesSome potential macroeconomic effects of weeds in Australia's winter cropping systems
Stuart Whitten, Shahbaz Khan, and Drew CollinsTradable recharge credits in Coleambally Irrigation Area: What are the issues and what does economic theory suggest?
Jill Windle and John RolfeAssessing values for estuary protection with Choice Modelling using different payment mechanisms
Jill Windle, John Rolfe, and Peter DonaghyDiversification Choices in Agriculture: A Choice Modelling Case study of Sugarcane Growers
Russell Wise and Oscar CachoManaging agroforestry systems in the presence of carbon-sequestration payments
Jing Yang, T. Gordon MacAulay, and Wenhua ShenThe dairy industry in China: An analysis of supply, demand and policy issues
Jonathan YoderPlaying with Fire: Endogenous Risk in Resource Management
Asif M. Zaman, Brian Davidson, and Hector M. MalanoWhat's driving temporary water trading in the Goulburn-Broken Catchment?

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