AARES Conference 2005

49th AARES Conference
Coffs Harbour, NSW, 9-11 February 2005

Plenary and Invited Papers

Below is a list of invited papers, with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).

Opening Plenary

Wendy Craik, Murray-Darling Basin CommissionWater policy challenges in the Murray-Darling Basin

Presidential Address

Jeff Bennett, Australian National UniversityAustralian Environmental Economics: Contributions, conflicts and cop-outs

Distinguished Fellows Address

John Antle, Montana State University, USAModelling agriculture-environment interactions in production systems

Invited Speaker Session on "Market Power in the Food Chain"

Ron Cotterill, University of Connecticut, USAAntitrust analysis of supermarket retailing: common global concerns that play out in local markets
Rhonda Smith, University of MelbourneThe Australian grocery industry: a competition perspective
David Round, University of South AustraliaDiscussant

Invited Speaker Session on "Non-Tariff Trade Barriers"

Kym Anderson, World BankBiotechnology, international trade and policy
Tim Josling, Stanford University, USAGeographic indicators, international trade and policy
Alan Swinbank, University of Reading, UKDiscussant

Invited Speaker Session on "State-Contingent Technologies"

John Quiggin, University of QueenslandProduction under uncertainty: the state-contingent approach
Chris O'Donnell, University of QueenslandEstimating state-contingent production frontiers
Ron Mittelhammer, Washington State University, USADiscussant

Invited Speaker Session on "Experimental Economics"

Charlie Plott, California Institute of TechnologyNew technologies to deal with old problems: An example from aquaculture
Vivek Chaudhri, Monash UniversityDiscussant

Contributed Papers

Below is a list of contributed papers (in alphabetical order by authors surname), with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).
Ali Abdalla and Terry ShealesApproximating supply response of a commodity with limited input data: The case of Australian bananas
David Adamson, John Quiggin, and Thilak MallawaarachichiModelling basin level allocation of water in the Murray Darling Basin in a world of Uncertainty
Khorshed AlamValuing the environment in developing countries: Problems and potentials
Parakrama Aluwihare, Randall Jones, and Rebecca LetcherThe farm level impacts of water sharing plans in the Namoi Valley: A stochastic dynamic programming analysis
Tihomir Ancev and Inakwu OdehUse of Spatially Referenced Data in Agricultural Economics Research
George Antony, Z. Jiao, and Frank SestakIndustry Transition and Sugarcane Famr Households in Maryborough
Walter J. Armbruster and William T. CoyleTransportation infrastructure and the Asia-Pacific food system
Shaun AwatereCan non-market valuation measure indigenous knowledge?
Rodney Beard and Stuart McDonaldDynamic Recontracting of Water Rights
Stephen Beare and Jonathan NewbyIncomplete markets, excluded goods and natural resource management
Donna BrennanModelling agricultural supply response in Vietnam using a GIS and positive mathematical programming
John P. Brennan, Ata Rehman, Harsh Raman, Andrew W. Milgate, Denise Pleming, and Peter J. MartinAn economic assessment of the value of molecular markers in plant breeding programs
Michael P. Cameron, John Gibson, Kent Helmers, Steven Lim, Frank Scrimgeour, John Tressler, and Kien VaddanakValue of Life and Measuring the Benefits of Landmine Clearance in Cambodia
Kay Cao, John Gibson, and Frank G. ScrimgeourAn Experimental Approach to Estimating Willingness-to-Pay for Improvements in Food Safety (Campylobacter in Chicken Products)
Diana Chalil and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniModelling market power in the Indonesian palm oil industry
Adam Chambers, Melissa Bright, and Giles ForwardWind Erosion in SA - An Economic perspective
Ming Ming Chan, Qun Shi, and Rod TyersGlobal Demographic Change and Economic Performance: Implications for Agricultural Markets
Yaovarate Chaovanapoonphol, George E. Battese, and Hui-Shung (Christie) ChangThe Impact of Rural Financial Services on the Technical Efficiency of Rice Farmers in the Upper North of Thailand
Amy Cheung and Tihomir AncevEconomics of Weather Risk Management Using Climate Prediction Models
Anne Cole and Jane HarrisRising interest in credence qualities in agricultural products and the role for government
Kristy Dalton, James McKee, Warwick Moss, and Lyn PullenFrom devolved grants... to babysitting. Broadening the horizon of incentives
Tim Davis and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniHedonic Modelling for Australian Wine
Israel del Mundo and Ian WillsThe Economics of the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET)
Graeme Doole and Robert AlexanderImportance of user cost to the optimal management of multiple-cohort fish populations
Brenda Dyack, Jeff Connor, and Darla Hatton MacDonaldScreening options and setting priorities for River Murray floodplains
Miriam EastIssues of Geographical Basis Risk in Weather Derivatives for Australian Wheat Farmers
Geoff EdwardsDemand Management for Melbourne's Water
Bob Farquharson, Oscar Cacho, and John MullenAn economic approach to soil fertility management for wheat production in New South Wales and Queensland
Alberto Gabriele and David VanzettiLong Black: Surviving the coffee crisis
Tesfaye Gebremedhin and Stephen WhelanPrices and poverty in urban Ethiopia
Emily Gray and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniSimulating Economic Values of a Genetic Improvement Program for Australian Farmed Saltwater Crocodiles
Romy Greiner, Silva Larson, Alexander Herr, and Victor BlighWellbeing of traditional owners: conceptual and methodological approach
Arthur Ha, Gary Stoneham, Jane Harris, Bill Fisher, and Loris StrappazzonIncentives, information and drought policy
J. Brian Hardaker and Gudbrand LienTowards some principles for good practice for decision analysis in agriculture
Nazrul IslamEconomy-wide impact of a decline in live-sheep exports: a CGE analysis
Nazrul Islam and Mohammad QuaddusAn appraisal of uncertainties in the Western Australian wine industry supply chain
Randall JonesSustainability and integrated weed management in Australian winter cropping systems: a bioeconomic analysis
William Kaye-Blake, Caroline Saunders, and John FairweatherOptimal uptake of second-generation genetically-modified crops
Hanho Kim and Jae-Kyung KimEstimation of the Knowledge Spillover Effects Between Firms in Bio-Related Industries
Emma Kopke, Ross Kingwell, and John YoungA farm-level economic assessment of the Australian Merino, Dohne Merino, and South African Meat Merino sheep breeds in southern Australia
Daniel McDonald, Roneel Nair, Gil Rodriguez, and Benjamin BuetreTrade flows between Australia and China: An opportunity for a free trade agreement
Dragan Miljkovic and Hyun J. JinImport Demand for Quality in Japanese Beef Markets
Ian MorrisonEnrolment Trends in Canadian Faculties of Agriculture
Mark MorrisonIdentifying Market Segments for Technology Adoption
Mark Neal, Ross Drynan, Bill Fulkerson, Gil Levy, Meryl Wastney, Elizabeth Post, Bruce Thorrold, Chris Palliser, Pierre Beukes, and Chris FolkersOptimisation of a whole farm model
Eric Omuru and Ross KingwellFunding and Managing Agricultural Research in a Developing Country: a Papua New Guinea case study
David J. PannellSome issues of confusion or controversy in microeconomics (HTML)
Greg Parkinson, Stephen Corcoran, and Richard RawnsleyEvaluating logistics chain technology - Australian farmgate to port
Liz Petersen, Caroline Lever, Steven Schilizzi, and Greg HertzlerDeveloping Sustainable Aquaculture Systems in Vietnam
Liz Petersen, Geoff Muldoon, and Bill JohnstonFinding Nemo: Estimating Import Demand for Live Reef Food Fish
M. Ejaz Qureshi, Jeff Connor, Mac Kirby, and Mohammed MainuddinIntegrated assessment and management of stochastic water resources in the Murray Darling Basin
Glenn Ronan, Evelyn Sinnadurai, and Philip TaylorTowards a Template for Benchmarking the International Competitiveness of Australia's Agri-Food Industries PDF Paper 1 PDF Paper 2
Caroline Saunders and Martin EmanuelssonModelling the implications for New Zealand trade and producer returns from different scenarios relating to the demand and supply of organic products
Steven Schilizzi and Uwe Latacz-LohmannCan a simple model predict complex bidding behaviour? Repeated multi-unit conservation auctions
Luke T. Silvester and David T. VereEconomic Evaluations of Production Technologies in the Australian Sheep Industry
Phil SimmonsPerspectives on the 2003 and 2004 Avian Influenza Outbreak in Bali & Lombok
Yuki Takatsuka, Ross Cullen, Matthew Wilson, and Steve WrattenUsing Choice Modeling to Value Ecosystem Services on Arable Land
Peter R. TozerDepreciation Rates for Australian Tractors and Headers - Is Machinery Depreciation a Fixed or Variable Cost?
Lindsay N. Trapnell, Kieran P. Ransom, Jeff R. Hirth, Riad Naji, Tim S.R. Clune, Michael C. Crawford, Ron H. Harris, James Whale, and K.F. WilsonNet Benefits from Investing in Lucerne (Medicago sativa) Phase Farming Systems in the Mixed Farming Zone of Northern Victoria
Tessie Tumaneng-Diete, Ashley Page, and Jim BinneyAssessing the economic values of exotic invasive plants on areas of conservation significance in Queensland
Georgina Usher and Jeff BennettPrivate Sector Conservation Enterprises in Australia
Tyron J. VennCommercial Forestry: An Economic Development Opportunity Consistent with the Property Rights of Wik People to Natural Resources
George VerikiosA model of the world wool market
Renato Villano, Marilou Lucas, and Sushil PandeyAn analysis of scope economics and technical efficiency in intensive rainfed lowland rice-based cropping systems in northwest Luzon, Phillipines
Peter WarrFood policy and poverty: A general equilibrium analysis for Indonesia
Jill Windle, John Rolfe, Stuart Whitten, Khorshed Alam, and Deborah StreetUsing choice modelling to establish the supply of riparian services and the potential for a water quality trading scheme in central Queensland
Jill Windle, John Rolfe, Stuart Whitten, and Juliana McCoskerA competitive bidding process with landholder cooperation for landscape linkage
Mitoshi Yamaguchi and M.S. SriGowri SankerGrowth Accounting for Sri Lanka's Agriculture with special reference to Fertilizer and Non-Agriculture Prices: Does Policy Reforms Affect Agriculture Development?

Pre-conference Workshops



Graeme J. Doole and David J. Pannell, University of Western AustraliaOptimal Land Management with Multiple Crops
Helena Clayton, University of Western AustraliaMarket incentives for biodiversity conservation in a saline-affected landscape: farmer response and feedback
Tennille Graham, University of Western AustraliaMarket incentives for biodiversity conservation in a saline-affected landscape: farmer response and feedback
Shamsuzzaman Bhuiyan, University of Western AustraliaPolicy Options for Dryland Salinity Management: An Agent-Based Model for Catchment Level Analysis
Sallyann Harvey, University of Western AustraliaUsing contracts to mitigate salinity: an analysis of voluntary cost-sharing agreements
Charlotte Duke and Lata Gangadharan, University of MelbourneRegulation in Environmental Markets: What can we learn from Experiments to Reduce Salinity?

Trade Policy Reform and Agriculture: Prospects, Strategies, Implications

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