AARES Conference 2006

50th AARES Conference
Sydney, 8-10 February 2006

Plenary and Invited Papers

Below is a list of invited papers, with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).

Opening Plenary Session


Presidential Address


Distinguished Fellows Keith Campbell Address

Brian Fisher, ABAREAgricultural Policy Reform in an Economy Wide Context: What Would Keith Campbell Have Thought?

After-Dinner Address


Invited Speaker Session on "A 50 year perspective on Agricultural and Resource Policy"

Geoff Edwards, La Trobe University50 Years of Agricultural Policy
David Godden, NSW Department of Environment and ConservationNatural Resources and the Environment
J. KerinA Retrospective on Policy Making

Invited Speaker Session on "Frontiers in Economics"

David Bessler, Texas A&M University, USAWorld Wheat and World Money: An Examination of Price Leadership among World Wheat Producers
Chris O'Donnell, University of QueenslandSome Econometric Options for Dealing with Unknown Functional Form
Bob Chambers, University of Maryland, USASome Empirical Implications of State-Contingent Production Models

Invited Speaker Session on "Climate Change"


Invited Speaker Session on "Resource Sectors and the Australian Economy"


Contributed Papers

Below is a list of contributed papers (in alphabetical order by authors surname), with links to those available online (in PDF format unless otherwise noted).
David Adamson, Thilak Mallawaarachchi, and John QuigginState-contingent modelling of the Murray Darling Basin: Implications for the design of property rights PDF Part 1 PDF Part 2
Frank W. AgbolaWorld chickpeas market: An overview of the dynamics in global production, trade and price
Helal Ahammad and Raymond MiModelling the land-use change and greenhouse gas emissions in GTEM: Some illustrative scenarios
Khorshed Alam, John Rolfe, and Peter DonaghyAn Economic Analysis of Improved Water Quality
Andrew R. Alford, Oscar J. Cacho, Garry R. Griffith, and Roger S. HegartyJointly achieving profitability and environmental outcomes: methane abatement from genetic improvement in the Australian beef industry
Matthew ArthurThe Economics of Australia’s Ban on New Zealand Apple Imports
John Asafu-AdjayeWillingness to adopt soil conservation measures: A case study of Fijian cane farmers
Junfei Bai and Thomas I. WahlDairy consumption in China: An empirical analysis of an urban consumer survey
Rodney BeardRent seeking, interest groups and environmental lobbying: Cane farmers versus Great Barrier Reef protectionists
Rodney Beard and Stuart McDonaldEquitable derivatives for water trading
Stephen Beare, Anna Heaney, and Lili PecheyIrrigation infrastructure charging: Non-rival access, cost sharing and exclusion
Jeff Bennett, Chen Xie, Jincheng Zhao, Dan Liang, Lei Zhang, Guangcui Dai, and Xuehong WangLivelihood impacts of the conversion of cropland to forest and grassland program in North West China
Olvar BerglandBenefit transfer: A Bayesian approach
Regina BetzEmissions trading to combat climate change: The impact of scheme design on transaction costs
Katie Bicknell, Ross Bicknell, and George FrisvoldThe joy of abstinence: Estimating the gains from asexual seed formation in rice
Katie Bicknell and Glen GreerClean air policy in Christchurch: Implications for efficiency
Katie Bicknell, Freisen, and McDonaldLife may be too short to drink bad wine, but how can you tell before the bottle is open?
Donna BrennanThe efficiency and equity implications of Perth's inclining block urban water tariffs
John P. Brennan and Peter J. MartinDeveloping Cost Functions for a Wheat Breeding Program
Leighton Brough and rodney BeardA multi-agent simulation model of the impact of eutrophication on the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon using the dynamic information architecture
Michael Burton and Dan Rigby"I won't eat it, and you can't make me": Double-hurdle models of non-participation in choice modelling experiments
Oscar J. Cacho, Susan Hester, and Daniel SpringApplying search theory to determine the feasibility of eradicating invasive populations
Isabelle Schluep Campo and John C. BeghinDairy Food Consumption, Production, and Policy in Japan
Colin A. Carter and Caroline Gunning-TrantDo U.S. Agricultural Antidumping and Countervailing Duties Result in Trade Diversion?
Diana Chalil and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniA linear-quadratic model to estimating market power in the Indonesian palm oil industry
Adam Chambers, Jeff Connor, and Darran KingModelling the Cost of Irrigator Response to Lower River Murray Salinity
Jeremy Cheesman and Jeff BennettAn integrated approach for modelling the impacts of land and water resource use in the Dak Lak plateau, Viet Nam
Andy Sungnok Choi and Jeff BennettA Critique of Conventional Non-market Valuation: Attitudes and Action
Helena ClaytonMotivating participation in landscape recovery: Critical perspectives on responses to market incentives
Bruno Coelho and Paul ChapmanCollaborating to compete: the imperative for the South Australian citrus industry
Emma Comerford and Jim BinnyLessons learned from the Queensland Vegetation Incentives Program - Applying auction theory to vegetation protection
Giovanni B. ConcuConservation policies, environmental valuation and optimal jurisdiction
Jeffery Connor, John Ward, and Brett BryanHow Cost Effective are Conservation Auctions?
David C. Cook and Mark LonsdaleA strategic protection approach to biosecurity: Policy implications of an ‘immune system’ model for addressing the risks and consequences of invasive species
Bethany Cooper and Lin CraseEquity and Efficiency Tradeoffs in Water: Prospects for Choice Modelling
Lin CraseCap and Trade versus Water Recovery
Lin Crase and Rob GillespieA Preliminary Consideration of Use and Non-Use Values Circumscribing the Lake Hume Water and Foreshore Management Plan
Jim Crosthwaite and Bill MalcolmFarmer decisions, public policy and risk information in management of native pastures
Jim Crosthwaite, Jim Moll, Josh Dorrough, and Bill MalcolmProfitability and financial feasibility of strategies to increase native vegetation in Victorian hill country
Bronwyn Crowe, Bob Lindner, and Rick LlewellynThe benefits and beneficiaries of “public” investment in herbicide use research and development
Richard J. CulasFarmer’s decision parameters on diversification and supply responses to dryland salinity
Richard J. CulasForestry, non-forest sector policies and the environment: a review
Tim Davis and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniDisequilibrium in the Australian wine industry: A product diversity approach
Peta Derham and Pam WelshTrial recommendations for the amelioration of a degraded chromosol landscape: Duri District, Northern NSW
Graeme J. DooleNumerical Optimisation of Multiple-Phase Systems Incorporating Transition Costs
Roderick DuncanCosts and consequences of the expropriation of FDI by host governments
Brenda Dyack and Romy GreinerNatural Resource Management and Indigenous Well Being
Brenda Dyack and M. Ejaz QureshiThe regional and sectoral impact of environmental water flows: Case study of tourism and recreation in the Murray Basin
Jeffrey EnglinSelection between conditional and unconditional models of recreation demand: An analysis of count and mulitnomial Dirichlet models
Jacinto F. Fabiosa, John C. Beghin, Fengxia Dong, Amani Elobeid,
Frank H. Fuller, Holger Matthey, Simla Tokgoz, and Eric Wailes
The Impact of the European Enlargement and Common Agricultural Policy Reforms on Agricultural Markets: Much Ado about Nothing?
Mohamad Farida and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniCorruption and economic development: A critical review of literature
Iain Fraser and Robert WaschikA Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Export Taxes in the Australian Wool Industry
Rob FraserOn the Choice of Tax Base to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Context of Electricity Generation
Vasant P. Gandhi, Lin Crase, and Gamini HerathComparing Indian Irrigation Institutions: What Determines Institutional Behaviour and Performance? Preliminary Empirical Observations
Tesfaye A. GebremedhinThe Dynamics of Poverty in Urban Ethiopia
Quentin Grafton and Tom KompasSydney water: Pricing for sustainability
Tennille Graham and David PannellDetermining the potential net benefits from government intervention: A hypothetical analysis of market failure
Emily Gray and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniIs protection for sale? Agricultural biotechnology regulation in Australia
Jared Greenville and T. Gordon MacAulayA Bioeconomic Analysis of Protected Area use in Fisheries Management
Jared Greenville and T. Gordon MacAulayProtected Areas and the Management of Fisheries: An Institutional Perspective
Romy Greiner and Allyson LankesterDebt-for-conservation swaps – a possible financial incentive for on-farm biodiversity conservation?
Stefan HajkowiczTaking a closer look at multiple criteria analysis and economic evaluation
Ahmed Hafi, Anna Heaney, and Stephen BeareInvestment in irreversible irrigation technology under uncertainty: A case study of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Jin Han, Zhang-Yue Zhou, and Natalie StoeklAchieving Sustainable Development in Poverty-Stricken Mountainous Areas in Rural China: Issues and Countermeasures
Steve Hatfield-DoddsWhat do we need to chieve sustainable farming systems? Insights from adaptive governance for Australian native vegetation
John Hawkins, Rodney Beard, and Stuart McDonaldA multi-agent simulation model of fishery fleet dynamics for the Queensland coral reef line fishery
Robyn Hean, Oscar Cacho, and Tom NordblomSpatially-explicit modelling for salinity management at the catchment level
Benjamin B. Henderson, Lynn Henry, and T. Gordon MacAulayInvestment and Change in the Coconut Industry of North Sulawesi: An Equilibrium Displacement Analysis
Greg HertzlerThe First, and Still Best, Method for Non-market Valuation
Greg Hertzler and T. Gordon MacAulaySmall Holders under Risk
Ziaul Hoque and Andrew BathgateThe economic potential of managing salinity with perennial pastures
Nazrul Islam, MoonJoong Tcha, and John StantonEffects of Exchange Rates on World Prices of Australian Wool
Elizabeth Jackson, Mohammed Quaddus, Nazrul Islam, Zohurul Hoque, and John StantonSelling raw wool by forward contract: A qualitative analysis of the pros and cons
Michael Johnson, Ian O'Connor, and Bill MalcolmEffects of Including Agribusiness Assets in Investment Portfolios
Joshi, Singh, et al.Economic growth, utilisation of resources and changing economic conditions of farmers
Frank JotzoClimate change adaptation in Asia-Pacific: An agenda for research and international collaboration
Frank JotzoPrice caps in emissions trading: Potential and pitfalls
Olessya Karamysheva and Rob EsveltIntegrating Triple Bottom Line Thinking Into Primary Sector Strategic Planning and Resource Management
Matt Kendall, Tom Nordblom, and Mark QuilterComparing economic criteria for prioritising salinity abatement in the Murray-Darling Basin (Australia) and the Colorado River Basin (USA)
Adam M. Komarek and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniAn economic analysis of Ugandan agricultural constraints
Tom Kompas, Nhu Che, and Van HaOptimal plant surveillance measures against an exotic pest or disease in an uncertain environment
Lisa Yu-Ting Lee, Tihomir Ancev, and Willem VervoortWeighing Up the Cost: Economic Impact of Water Scarcity and Environmental Targets
Gudbrand Lien, J. Brian Hardaker, and Ola FlatenRisk and economic sustainability of crop farming systems
Bob LindnerEvaluating the Economic Impacts of Accelerated R&D
Hengyun Ma, Allan N. Rae, Jikun Huang, and Scott RozelleEnhancing Productivity on Dairy Farms in China: Taking the Cows to Town
John MaddenThe integration of economics into community decision making in groundwater reform in NSW
John MaddenThe role of indicators in agricultural policy making
Sally P. Marsh, Rick S. Llewellyn, and Stephen B. PowlesSocial costs of herbicide resistance: the case of resistance to glyphosate
Jim C. McColl and Mike D. YoungManaging Change: Lessons for Water
Mark Morrison and Darla Hatton McDonaldValuing biodiversity: A comparison of compensating surplus and compensating tax reallocation
Geoffrey Muldoon and Bill JohnstonMarket chain analysis for the trade in live reef food fish
John Mullen and Jason CreanTrends in R&D investment and productivity growht in Australian agriculture
Mark Neal and Bill FulkersonOne size fits all? – The relationship between the value of genetic traits and the farm system
Rohan Nelson, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, et al.A systems perspective on Australian drought policy
Jonathan Newby and Anna HeaneyAre implicit subsidies environmentally harmful? Implications of irrigation water charges in Australia
Elizabeth Nolan and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniPlant variety protection ten years after TRIPS: A critical review of the literature
Tom Nordblom, Iain Hume, Robyn Hean, Oscar Cacho, Michael Reynolds, John Finlayson, and Jason KellyTests of policies aimed to deliver environmental service targets: Water yields and salt loads
Rina OktavianiAvian Influenza and its Impact on the Indonesian Economy: a CGE Approach
Rina Oktaviani and Benjamin B. HendersonThe coconut industry in North Sulawesi and its impact on the regional and Indonesian economy
David J. Pannell and Anna M. RidleyA framework to select policy tools for dryland salinity
Ian Patrick, Graham Marshall, Muktasam Abdurrahman, and I.G.A.A. AmbarawatiDetermining the Role of Social Capital in Linking Smallholders with Agribusiness
Lili PecheyRationalising investment in irrigation infrastructure
Liz Petersen, Greg Hertzler, and Steven SchilizziThe impact of price and yield risk on the bioeconomics of reservoir aquaculture in north Vietnam
Liz Petersen and Geoff MuldoonWholesale and retail price integration in the live reef food fish trade
John C.V. PezzeyNeither the rock nor the hard place: using payment thresholds to balance the politics and the economics of emissions control
Shauna Phillips and Fredoun Ahmadi-EsfahaniExchange rates and FDI in the agrifood sector: A review of the theoretical and empirical literature
Nicholas Piggott and Michele MarraModern determinants of U.S. soybean acreage: The effects of biotechnology and recent farm policy
Jananee Raguragavan, Ben White, and Robert C. ChambersContracts for Land Retirement under Asymmetric Information
Andrew Reeson and John TisdellWhen good incentives go bad: An experimental study of institutions, motivations and crowding out
Richard ReeveThe economics of surface water management in rural WA towns
Trudi Rodgers, Euan Fleming, and Renato VillanoAnalysis of Price and Product Competition from Imports in the Preserved Mushrooms Market in Australia
Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen and J. Brian HardakerImproving Market Access for Smallholders: Challenges and Opportunities
Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, Christine Storer, and Mark PringleWhich chain is best for me? The case of supply chain for wheat in Western Australia
John Rolfe, Peter Donaghy, and Judith WakeDesigning incentive mechanisms for cane growers at Mackay to improve water quality
John Rolfe and Prabha PrayagaEstimating Values for Recreational Fishing at Freshwater Dams in Queensland
John Rolfe, Jill Windle, Andrew Reeson, and Stuart WhittenAssessing the incentives needed to improve riparian management in grazing systems: Comparing experimental auctions and choice modelling approaches
Glenn Ronan, Stephen Blacketer, and Lyndal SterenbergEvaluating the Potential of VineAccess to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency in Australian Viticulture and Perennial Horticulture
Helen Scarborough and Jeff BennettEstimating intergenerational utility distribution preferences
Bassim ShebebMeasuring Productivity Growth in the Bahraini Agriculture and Fisheries Sector
Tian ShiApplying MBIs for sustainable natural resource and environmental management in South Australia: Challenges and opportunities
Tian ShiEnhancing the capacity of Australian irrigation industry through better policy making: What can we learn from the past?
Phil SimmonsThe Effect of Avian Influenza on Sector 3 Poultry Farms in East Java: Preliminary Results from a Survey
Rajinder Pal Singh, John P. Brennan, and John LacyAn Economic Evaluation of the Ricecheck Extension Program in NSW
Singh and KingraAgrarian crisis and economic condition of landless labour in Indian Punjab: Emerging issues and policies
Stephanie Szakiel, Nhu Che, Peter Gooday, and Lisa EllistonMeasuring Capacity in Commonwealth Fisheries
Peter Tait and Ross CullenSome External Costs of Dairy Farming in Canterbury
TalukderFood security, self-sufficiency and nutrition gap in Bangladesh
Jen Tatuh, Nordy Waney, et al.Replanting strategies for smallholder coconut farms in North Sulawesi
Huilan Tian and Robert D. CairnsSustained Development of a Population and a Resource PDF Part 1 PDF Part 2
Peter R. TozerThe Benefits of Management Changes in Beef Enterprises on Pastoral Stations in Western Australia
Peter R. Tozer and Jeffrey R. StokesOptimal Feed Mill Blending
Lindsay N. Trapnell, Anna M. Ridley, Brendan P. Christy, and Robert E. WhiteSustainable grazing systems: Economic and financial implications of adopting different grazing systems in North-east Victoria
Truong Truong and Tihomir AncevAlternative water rights regimes and implications for contracting in water markets
Sakiusa Tubuna, Henry Haszler, Phillip Hone, and Waiski GonemaitubaiPolicy Responses to Threats to Rural Household Incomes: The Case of Fiji
David VanzettiOpen Wide: Vietnam’s Agricultural Trade Policy
David Vanzetti and Ralf PetersAnother Look at the WTO Negotiations on Agriculture
Tyron J. Venn and John QuigginAccommodating Indigenous Cultural Heritage Values in Resource Assessment
George VerikiosDistribution of Research Gains in Multistage Production Systems: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Wool
Renato Villano, Euan Fleming, Terence Farrell, and Pauline FlemingProductivity Change in the Australian Sheep Industry Revisited
Xuehong Wang and Jeff BennettEstimating Non-Market Environmental Benefits of the Conversion of Cropland to Forest and Grassland Program: a choice modeling approach
John Ward, Brett Bryan, Glenn Gale, and Trevor HobbsMarket-Based Instrument approaches to implementing priority revegetation in the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin
John Ward, John Tisdell, and Stuart WhittenExperimentally Testing Institutions And Policy Instruments to Coordinate Groundwater Recharge in the Coleambally Irrigation Area
Peter WarrProductivity Growth in Thailand and Indonesia: How Agriculture Contributes to Economic Growth
Peter WarrRoads and Poverty in Rural Laos
Annette WeierLegal Definitions of Taxation Terms – Implications for the Design of Environmental Taxes and Charges
Glyn WittwerModelling future urban and rural water requirements in a CGE framework
Jayden Woolley, Mark Caputo, and Melissa BrightBridging the Gap Between Economic Theory and Fisheries Management - A Case Study of the South Australian Snapper Fishery
Mitoshi Yamaguchi and M.S. Srigowri SankerAdjustment of Exchange Rate and its Impact on Sri Lanka’s Agriculture under Policy Reforms
Shion Yee and John RolfeEvaluating the Efficiency of a Devolved Grants Program: A Central Queensland case study
Amalia Yiannaka and Murray FultonGetting away with robbery? Patenting behavior with the threat of infringement
Young and Louise AdcockThe benefits to growers from investing in the rice industry's Environmental Champions Program
Zhang-Yue Zhou and Wei-Ming TianChina’s Grain Production: the Evolving Trends after WTO Accession
Tatevik Zohrabyan and David A. BesslerOn Price Dynamics in International Wheat Markets
Andrew Zull, Roger Lawes, and Oscar CachoManagement of perennial weeds in the North Queensland rangelands
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