Award winners

Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Inc.

Year Distinguished Fellows Year Distinguished Fellows Year Distinguished Fellows
1998 Robin Johnson 2000 Henry Schapper 2001 Roger Mauldon
2001 John Longworth 2001 Warren Musgrave 2001 Ross Parish
2001 Stuart Harris 2001 John Quilkey 2001 Frank Jarrett
2002 Kym Anderson 2002 John Freebairn 2002 Alistair Watson
2002 Geoff Edwards 2003 Jock Anderson 2003 Tony Chisholm
2003 Brian Fisher 2003 Bob Lindner


Year Distinguished Life Members Year Honorary Members
1976 CG (Colin) Clark 1994 J (Jim) Schofield
1981 KO (Keith) Campbell 1996 AW (Alf) Smith
1983 Sir JG (John) Crawford 1996 VE (Vic) Wright
1983 JN (Jack) Lewis 1997 EF (Ted) Gillin
1991 AG (Alan) Lloyd    
1995 JL (John) Dillon    
2002 Peter Druce    


BEST JOURNAL ARTICLE - Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Year Recipient Article title
1970 F J Southcombe & R G Mauldon 'Changes in Farm Production under Intensive Farm Management Advice'
1971 No Award  
1972 B J Standen 'Evaluation of the Efficiency of Resource Use on Farms and the Welfare of Farm People'
1973 No Award  
1974 B S Fisher 'A Quarterly Model of Agricultural Investment in Australia'
1975 G Olsen 'Option Value'
1976 R G Gregory 'Some Implications of the Growth of the Mineral Sector'
1977 G E Battese and E M Francisco 'Distribution Indemnities for Crop Insurance Plans: With Applica tion to Grain Crops in New South Wales'
1978 A N Rae 'An Evaluation of a New Zealand Marketing Board's Supply Diversion Strategies'
1979 N E Philp 'The Labour Response of Quasi-Subsistent Villager Craftsmen inRural Papua New Guinea'
1980 G W Edwards 'The I.A.C.'s Approach to Agricultural Policy'
1981 J Quiggin 'Risk Perception and Risk Aversion Among Australian Farmers'
1982 M Spinks and B Jackson 'Price Effects of Wool Marketing Innovations - Some Empirical Evidence'
1983 B Fisher and R Munroe 'Supply Response in the Australian Extensive Livestock and Cropping industries: A Study of Intentions and Expectations'
1984 P Bardsley, A Adey and S Davenport 'The Economics of Insuring Crops Against Drought'
1985 R J Myers, R R Piggott and T G MacAulay 'Effects of Past Australian Wheat Price Policies on Key Industry Variables'
1986 C G Brown and R G Drynan 'Plant Location Analysis Using Discrete Stochastic Programming'
1987 P Bardsley and M Harris 'An Approach to the Econometric Estimation of Attitudes to Risk inAgriculture'
1988 G Patrick 'Mallee Wheat Farmers' Demand for Crop and Rainfall Insurance'
1989 J D Mullen, J M Alston & M K Wohlgenant 'The impact of farm processing and processing research on the Australian wool industry'
1990 S Beare & H Meshfos 'Substitution between wools of different fibre diameter'
1991 G Passmore & C Brown 'Analysis of rangeland degradation using stochastic dynamic programming'
1991 (tie) T W Hertel 'Factor Market Incidence of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation: SomeAdditional Results'
1992 A H Chisholm 'Australian Agriculture: A sustainability Story'
1993 H Klieve & T G MacAulay 'A game theory analysis of management strategies for the Southern Bluefin Tuna industry'
1994 Greg Hertzler 'Co-ordinating production and disposal of commodity stockpiles: with applicaion to Australian wool industry'
1995 David Harvey 'European Union cereals policy: an evolutionary interpretation'
1996 Peter Bardsley & Nilss Olekalns 'Wool price variability in the long run'


BEST JOURNAL ARTICLE - Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics

Year Recipient Article title
1989/90 L R Malcolm 'Fifty years of farm management in Australia: Survey and review'
1991 J M Alston 'Research benefits in a multi-market setting: a review'
1993 Richard Just 'Discovering production and supply relationships'
1994 Colin Brown & John Longworth 'Recent reforms and opportunities in the Chinese wool market'
1995 Greg Bush & Michael Clemes 'Market failure and chemical use'
1996 David Pannell, Ross Kingwell & Steve Schilizzi 'Debugging mathematical programming models: Principles and practical strategies'


BEST JOURNAL ARTICLE - Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Year Recipient Article title
1997 Ian Coxhead Induced innovation and land degradation in developing country agriculture
1998 Chongwoo Choe and Iain Fraser,
La Trobe University
The economics of household waste management, a review
1999 Justin Yifu-Lin Technological change and agricultural household income distribution:theory and evidence from China
2000 Harry Clarke Bird Migrations and the International Economics of Species Conservation
2001 John Quiggin Environmental economics and the Murray-Darling river system
2002 Michael Harris and Iain Fraser. Natural resource accounting in theory and practice: A critical assessment
2003 Michael Burton, Dan Rigby and Trevor Young Modelling the adoption of organic horticultural technology in the UK using duration analysis
2004 Terry Anderson Donning Coase-coloured glasses: a property rights view of natural resource economics



Year Recipient Supervisor(s) Thesis title
1984-1985 L P O'Mara
Australian National University
  'Linkages for the Farm Sector to the Australian Macro Economy - Towards a Theoretical and Empirical Analysis'
1986-1987 C Wall
University of Sydney
  'Modelling a Multiple Output Production System: The Australian Sheep Industry'
1988-1989 I Coxhead
Australian National University
  'Technical Progress in Agriculture, Income Distribution and Economic Policy: The Philippines 1950-1980'
1990-1991 David J Pannell
University of Western Australia
Bob Lindner 'The Economics of Herbicide Application for Weed Control: Deter ministic, Stochastic and Tactical Analysis'-
1992 Donna Brennan
University of Western Australia
Bob Lindner 'Peak Load Problems in the Australian Grain Distribution Industry: An Economic Analysis'
1993 Yiping Huang
Australian National University
R. Garnaut,
& P. Warr
'Government Intervention and Agricultural Performance in China'
1994-1995 John Tisdell
  Estimating Socially-Just Outcomes to Trade in Water Markets: A Cooperative Game Theory Approach
1996 Alistair McGorm
University of Queensland
Harry Campbell 'An Economic Analysis of the Australian East Coast Tuna Longline Fishery'
1997 Michael Lockwood,
University of Queensland
Clem Tisdell Integrated Value Assessment of Natural Areas
1998 Ye Qiang,
University of Western Australia
Ken Clements The Economic Significance of New Minerals Projects in Western Australia
1999 Raymond Challen,
University of Western Australia
Steven Schilizzi 'A Transaction Cost Analysis of Institutional Reform for Water use in Irrigation'
2000 Xueyan Zhao, University of New England Garry Griffith,
William Griffiths,
Roly Piggott &
John Mullen
The Economic Impacts of New Technologies and Promotions on the Australian Beef Industry
2001 Thilak Mallawaarachchi John Quiggin, Mal Wegener and Owen Stanley Economic-Environmental Trade-offs in the Australian Sugar Industry: Issues of Efficiency and Equity in Land Allocation
2002 Graham Marshall, University of New England Brian Dollery Crafting Cooperation in the Commons: An Economic Analysis of Prospects for Collaborative Environmental Governance
2003 Rick Llewellyn, University of Western Australia Bob Lindner, David Pannell and Stephen Powells Adoption of integrated weed management by grain growers
2004 Kefyalew Mekonnen, University of Queensland Malcolm Wegener The economics of developing water resource projects in the Ethiopian Nile River Basin, their environmental, and Tran boundary implications



Year Recipient Supervisor(s) Thesis title
1965 Margaret Waugh
Australian National University
  'The Economic Effects of U.S. Public Law 480 (Title 1) Exports on India'
1966 A S Watson
University of New England
Jointly to:
I R Wills
University of Melbourne
  'Wheat Stabilisation Policy: A Supply Study'

'Beef Cattle Production in the Western District of Victoria'

1967 R R Officer
University of New England
  'Decision Making Under Risk: A Brief Examination of the Bayesian Approach and an Empirical Study of Utility Analysis in Agriculture'
1968 P A Cassidy
Queensland University
  'Optimum Location, Number and Size of Beef Slaughter Plants in Queensland'
1969 No Thesis Submitted    
1970 T G MacAulay
University of Melbourne
  'An Economic Study of Small Dairy Farms in South Gippsland, Vic toria'-
1971 No Thesis Submitted    
1972 N J Thomson
University of Adelaide
  'The Incidence and Effects of Death Duties on Woolgrowers of South Australia'
1973 D P Vincent
Melbourne University
  'Rural Credit and Farm Vability: A Study of the Shelford Soldier Settlement Scheme'
1974 I W Hind
University of Sydney
  'The Economics of Primary Schooling in Rural Areas of New South Wales'
1975 W Bates
University of New England
  'Technological Change and the Substitution of Capital for Labour in Australian Agriculture'
1976 P B Paul
University of Sydney
  'Characteristics and Adjustment Problems of Former Farm Operators
1977 J C Naughin
La Trobe University
  'Retail Meat Marketing Margins in Victoria: A Trading Accounts Ap proach'
1978 J M Alston
La Trobe University
Jointly to:
Wong Chee-Yoong
University of New England
  'Supply Response in the Australian Orange Growing Industry'

'Risk Analysis in the Appraisal of Large Irrigation Projects in Developing Countries -: A Malaysian Case Study'

1979 E M Fleming
University of New England
  'Induced Innovation and Factor Relationships in Australian Agricul ture'-
1980 R R Boffey
University of Western Australia
  'An Integration of Ecological and Economic Criteria for Pest Control: A Dynamic Model Applied to Selected Apple Pests in Western Australia'-
1981 D P Godden
University of New England
Roy Powell and Bruce Standen 'An Economic Evaluation of Property Rights for Plant Varieties with Special Reference to Plant Variety Rights in Australia'
1982 R J Myers
University of New England
  'An Econometric Evaluation of Australian Wheat Pricing Policies'
1983 A W Tunstall
La Trobe University
  'The Storage and Pricing of the Victorian Apple Crop'
1984 R Collins
University of Queensland
  'The Management of Multiple Activities in National Parks under Conditions of Congestion and Ecological Irreversibility'
1985 Md. Jaforullah
University of New England
  'Supply Response of Sugarcane in the Mill Zones of Bangladesh - An Econometric Study'
1986 K Wang   'Optimal Policies for Stabilising Pig Prices in Taiwan'
1987 P A Cashin
University of Melbourne
  'The Australian Wheat industry as a Partial Case Study in Deregulation'-
1988 C E Johnson
University of Sydney
  'The Japanese Beef Market: An Economic Assessment of its Structure and Institutions'
1989 I Havrila
La Trobe University
  'Product Characteristics and Pricing of Woollen Garments at Retail in Melbourne'
1990 J Kelso
University of New England
  'An Evaluation of Consumer Preference Changes for meat in the United States'
1991 Chris Grace
University New England
Jointly to:
Gary Stoneham
University of Queensland
  'Management of a Top Processing Firm and Demand for Wool at Auction'

'An Economic Analysis of Soil Erosion on the Darling Downs'

1992 Aileen Murrell
University of Western Australia
Rob Fraser 'Does the Producer Benefit from Price Stabilisation? An Empirical Analysis of the Australian Wool Corporation's Reserve Price Scheme'
1993 Inman Sugema
University of New England
F. In 'The Dynamics of Macroeconomy-Trade-Agriculture Linkages in the Australian Economy: An Application of Error Correction Models of Cointegrated Relationships'
1994 C J Cunningham
University of Melbourne
Don McLaren 'Type Basis Risk and the Potential for Woolgrowers to Effectively Hedge Using the Sydney Futures Contract'
1995 K Donohue
University of Western Australia
  Bioeconomic model of shark fisheries in south-west Australian Waters
1996 Richard Ball
Lincoln University
Ross Cullen &
Christopher Gan
'The Diffusion of Energy Efficiency Innovations among Residential Consumers'
1997 Sally Marsh,
University of Western Australia
David Pannell &
Bob Lindner
‘The Adoption and Diffusion of Lupins (Lupinus angustifolius) in Western Australia: A Case Study of the Impacts, Costs and Benefits of Agricultural Extension’
1998 Kai Chen, University of Queensland Colin Brown An Economic Evaluation of the Two Farmland System in Shandong Province
1999 Sallie James,
University of Adelaide
Kym Anderson An Economic Analysis of Quarantine and Food Safety Issues Following the SPS Agreement
2000 No prize awarded    
2001 Nicholas J Berger Kym Anderson Modelling structural and policy changes in the world wine market into the 21st century
2002 Ben Henderson,University of Western Australia Ross Kingwell Efficiency in Western Australian Broadacre Agriculture: A Comparison between Data Envelopment Analysis and Stochastic Frontier Analysis
2003 Emma Moran, Lincoln University Ross Cullen and Ken Hughey An analysis of the costs of the New Zealand threatened species programmes
2003 Jing Zhang, University of Western Australia Greg Hertzler and Michael Burton Valuing recreational fishing in WA using a random utility model
2004 Peter Tait, Lincoln University Ross Cullen and Lana Friesen Unit-Pricing: Minimising Christchurch Domestic Waste


AARES /AAEA Young Professionals Exchange Travel Award

Year Heading South Award Heading North Award
2002 Dan Phaneuf, North Carolina State University Liz Petersen, The Australian National University
2003 Tom Marsh, Kansas State University John Gibson, the University of Waikato



Year Recipient
2000 Rick Llewellyn, University of Western Australia
2001 Don Cooper, Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA
2002 Chris Fleming
2003 Peter Dunn, University of Western Australia



Year Location Recipients
1970 Minsk, USSR J R Anderson, P C Druce
1973 Sao Paulo, Brazil D R J Densley, R C Duncan
1976 Nairobi, Kenya B S Fisher, A W Hogstrom
1979 Banff, Canada G W Edwards, J L Longmire, 0 P Vincent, K R Anderson, 0 R Mackay, J H Johnston
1982 Jakarta, Indonesia No Grant Awarded
1985 Malaga, Spain D M Etherington, E M Fleming, M Hossain, W J Martin, K A Parton, C Wilcox
1988 Buenos Aires, Argentina J Anderson, K Anderson, A Arch, I Jarrett, H Kehal, R Lattimore,J O'Connor, G Ryland
1991 Tokyo, Japan C Brown, R Lindner, D Vere, K Wang, R Tyers, K Sharma
1994 Harare, Zimbabwe I Crellin, P Daniel, I Jarratt, R W M Johnson, M Wegener
1997 Sacramento, USA R Piggott
2000 Berlin, Germany Loriz Strappazzon, Oscar Cacho, Stuart Whitten
2003 Durban, South Africa Anita Wreford and Graham Marshall



Year Recipient  
1986 A Siamwalla Senior Research Fellow and Executive Director, Agriculture and Rural Executive Programs, Thailand Development Research Institute
1987 W Cruz University of the Phillipines at Los Banos
1987 K Anderson University of Adelaide
1988 S Chirapanda Deputy Secretary-General, Agricultural Land Reform Office, ministry of Agriculture and Co-Operatives, Bangkok, Thailand
1990 Dr Arsenio Balisacan University of the Phillippines
1995 Dr Christina David  





















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