Sitemap In order for your paper to be posted on the AARES web site or be included on the CD of Conference Papers, you are requested to submit an electronic version of your paper by January 29. Electronic formats should either be Acrobat PDF (preferred format) or Word for Windows (version 97 or later). Please name the file using the surname of the first author. Email the paper to AARES (aares) as an attachment. Please use  "AARES 2003 Paper - " followed by surname of first author as the first part of the subject heading for your email. For example, a contributed paper by David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus would be submitted in an email with a subject line that begins with: "AARES 2003 Paper - Ricardo" (without the quotation marks). You can append something like "submission n" or "paper n" to the email heading if you have multiple submissions and this is the nth one.