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Volume 17, Number 2, August 2005


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By Deborah Peterson

It’s been a busy period since our Conference in February in Coff’s Harbour. A number of exciting events are coming up that will be of great interest to you.

AARES Organised Symposium at the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) (24 – 27 July)

In chronological order, first was the inaugural AARES Organised Symposium at the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) meetings which took place in Providence, Rhode Island (24 – 27 July). The aim of this arrangement was to raise awareness among US agricultural and resource economists of AARES and issues relating to agriculture and natural resources in Australia and New Zealand. Ideas for topics and structures for the next Symposium (which will be held at the 2006 meetings in Long Beach, California) should be directed to the President of the AARES-North American Branch, Laura McCann, by December 15th. A review panel (comprising the NAB President, a representative of the NAB appointed by the NAB President, the AARES President, and a representative of AARES appointed by the AARES President) will evaluate the proposals, allowing a full proposal to be submitted to the AAEA by 15 January.

AARES Symposium on 'Markets for Water: Prospects for WA'

A workshop on current water policy issues will be held on Thursday 22 September in Perth, prior to the AARES Symposium on 'Markets for Water: Prospects for WA' on 23 September. The Symposium will be of interest to all involved in natural resource management research. Keynote speakers include Ellen Hanak from the Public Policy Institute in San Francisco; Steve Beare from ABARE; John Tisdell from Griffith University; Lin Crase from La Trobe; and Claus Scholfedt from the South Australian Department of Water Land and Biodiversity Conservation. A call for papers for the workshop is on the AARES website under 'News'. Thanks to Donna Brennan, Michael Burton and Sallyann Harvey for organising these events.

Environmental and Resource Economics Early Career Researcher Workshop (E-CReW) Bathurst, NSW on 27 – 28 October

AARES is co-sponsoring an Environmental and Resource Economics Early Career Researcher Workshop (E-CReW), organised by Liz Petersen, Mark Morrison, and Steve Hatfield Dodds, at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, NSW on 27 – 28 October. This workshop will involve participants giving a presentation on their work-in-progress research and receiving feedback from a number of mentors. Early career researchers not making presentations are also welcome. Professor V Kerry Smith (North Carolina State University), who initiated a similar annual workshop in the US, will be attending this event. There is no cost for attending the workshop, with all meals provided free of charge. However, participants will need to cover their own accommodation and transport costs.

AARES 2006 annual conference, Sydney, early February

Planning is underway for our 2006 conference in Sydney where we will celebrate the Society's 50th Anniversary. John Mullen is working to line up the cast of plenary speakers, including Professor Alan Randall (Ohio State University) and Dr Brian Fisher (ABARE). John Madden and Tiho Ancev are heading up an enthusiastic local organising committee.

International Agricultural Economics Association (IAAE) conference, Gold Coast, Queensland. 12 – 18 August 2006

Looking further ahead, the International Agricultural Economics Association (IAAE) conference is taking shape. This conference will take place on 12 – 18 August 2006 on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland. The IAAE is a worldwide confederation of agricultural economists and other professionals concerned with agricultural economic problems, including problems related to the use of renewable resources and the environment. The IAAE conference is held every three years and is attended by delegates from all parts of the world, including professionals from many areas of government, academia, industry and community groups. I encourage you not only to attend but also to participate by submitting Contributed Papers and Poster Papers and ideas for Discussion Groups, Organised Symposia, and Computer Presentations. Information about submission requirements can be found on the IAAE 2006 website Many thanks to the dedicated Australian Organizing Committee led by Julian Alston, Phil Pardey and Mal Wegener for the enormous effort they are putting in to organise this conference.

AARES web site

A number of activities are underway on the business side of AARES. A subcommittee led by Bob Farquharson is looking at ways we can improve our website. The current AARES website at UWA is closing down and a new site has to be found. The committee is looking for a new site and will develop a new design. Another issue being investigated is establishment of a secure 'members only' area where members can have on-line access to AJARE. The committee is also exploring its potential use for AARES elections. Thanks to Bob and the committee members, Felicity Flugge, Fiona Scott and Lili Pechey, for their work on this issue. Thanks also to Dave Pannell for very helpful contributions. If members have suggestions about how the site can be improved, please forward them to bob.farquharson by 22 August.


Bill Malcolm and Glenn Ronan are exploring ways to expand contributions to and readership of the Society’s web-based journal, Connections. Connections is an extension publication, connecting material in farm and agribusiness, in marketing and management, and in environment and resources. The editors, Bill and Glenn, are always on the lookout for innovative analysis of contemporary issues and feedback on articles already published. The most recent edition, just published at, has backed a highly rewarding Trifecta. The current Connections has articles by John Freebairn on drought, John Quiggin on water and Alistair Watson on the creative accounting that makes agriculture appear to be contributing a much greater share to the economy.


As foreshadowed in the February AGM, Mal Wegner has passed on the reins of Treasurer. We are grateful to Glenn Ronan (PIRSA) for taking on this challenging role. Glenn is working closely with Mal and with Annie Hurst to make a smooth transition. We thank Mal for the enormous effort that he put in to his period as Treasurer. Mal will now be able to focus his energies on the multitude of tasks associated with organising the IAAE conference. Annie will be taking on some aspects of financial management such as preparing cheques for payment, banking and maintaining financial records. Annie and Glenn are exploring the possibility of moving to an e-accounting system such as MYOB. Glenn will also be following up on early investigations undertaken by Mal to clarify the taxation status of the Society.

Other actions include securing an arrangement through Blackwell publishing to offer three year membership, and processing of membership by direct debit in 2006. Provision of past volumes of AJAE and the RMAE on-line on an open-access basis is under investigation. Lili Pechey and Gavan Dwyer are exploring ways for further development and promotion of the Society. Lili and Gavan would welcome input from anyone on this issue (email Lili.Pechey or gdwyer.).

Finally, please join me in congratulating our Secretary Tennille Graham and her husband James on the birth of their daughter Abigail on 21 June.

Once again, please get in touch with me if you have any ideas or issues that you would like to raise. I can be contacted through email at dpeterson, or by phone on 03 9653 2284. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at our many forthcoming events.


Conference Sponsorship

President elect, Dr John Mullen and I meet with a number of potential conference sponsors in June. We took the opportunity to discuss the conference theme, 'Managing Natural Resources in Australia') and how sponsors could become involved. We also received valuable feedback from this year’s conference.

If you know of any organisations that may be interested in sponsoring the 2006 conference, please let me know and I will contact them with an outline of our sponsorship options.

Donna Brennan, Michael Burton and SallyAnn Harvey have also been busy securing sponsorship for the AARES Symposium on 'Markets for Water: Prospects for WA' on 23 September. The preliminary program looks great, with a number of well-respected international and domestic speakers to attend.

IAAE 2006

The AARES federal council has continued to work with the IAAE Australian organising committee to promote this event.

The conference organisers, Hoteliers International, have had a range of promotional material printed. If you have opportunity to display posters or flyers in high-exposure venues please contact Louisa Harrington (+ 61 7 3210 1646 or Louisa) and she will be happy to send this material to you. A series of electronic newsletters will also be distributed to AARES members. Please share these with your colleagues and others whom you think may be interested.


Opportunities for improving the services that the Society offers its members are continually being pursued. At the moment, we are looking into areas such as:

·          Re-establishing the membership directory, so that it can be accessed by members

·          Institutional membership

·          Direct debit payment of membership 

·          Three-yearly membership.

Gavan Dywer and I are also working to develop strategies for the promotion of the Society.


By now, many of you will have seen the advertisement for E-Crew 2005 on the AARES website and will have received a promotional flyer.

The Society is a major sponsor of this event and considers it an important component of its strategy for engaging with younger members of the profession. I urge you to promote it amongst your professional networks.

AARES Web Page

Our subcommittee of members is continuing its efforts to develop a new AARES web page. As mentioned in the Presidents’ column, suggestions about how the site can be improved will be gratefully received by Bob Farquharson (bob.farquharson) before 22 August 2005.

I have been on holiday for the past couple of weeks and would like to thank everyone who has ‘carried the can’ for me over this time, particularly Deb Peterson and John Mullen.


Electronic Journals

The electronic journals - Australasian Agribusiness Review and Agribusiness Perspectives (Editors Vic Wright and Bill Malcolm) are now owned and published by the School of Agriculture and Food Systems, University of Melbourne. These journals are published at A dozen or so articles Review have been published so far in 2005. As well, AARES own electronic publication Connections (editors Glenn Ronan and Bill Malcolm) is published at this web-site. The Winter 2005 edition of Connections has articles by Alistair Watson, John Freebairn and John Quiggin.

The editors of these journals are always on the look-out for material. Submissions welcome. Note that the Review is peer reviewed and Perspectives and Connections are editor refereed.

There is virtually no question that someone thoughtful has not had a go at sometime. It has occurred to me that many of us do consultancy reports that, while not refereed journal articles, contain unique information, applications of methods, collections of references, interesting results, that are likely to be relevant to other work some time in the future, but which do not see the light of day once they are submitted and the cheque is cashed. Perspectives would be a good repository of such work, bringing the work to a wider audience and enabling, over time, the building up of an archive of efforts at numerous interesting questions (and a starting point for the next related piece of consulting work). We'd like it if members were to sift through their hard drives and send us any such work that we might publish in Perspectives that may be of benefit to other members and other researchers.

Glenn Ronan: phone (08) 8207 7903; email ronan.glenn

Bill Malcolm: phone (03) 8344 5015; email b.malcolm

First Notice - Heading North AARES-AAEA Young Professionals Exchange Travel Award

The Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) and the Foundation of the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) will jointly offer two travel awards during 2005.  These awards are intended for Agricultural and Resource Economists of all ages but in the early stages of their careers. Thus, stage of career rather than age is what defines an appropriate applicant. The objectives of the awards are to provide the winners with an opportunity for professional and personal development and international professional and cultural exchange.  Each award will have a value of US$2,000 to be used to assist the winner to participate in the annual conference of either the AARES or the AAEA. Applicants for both awards must be members of both the AARES and the AAEA.

The "Heading North" award will be given to members normally resident in Australia or New Zealand to support their participation in the July 2006 annual conference of the AAEA in Long Beach, California. This award is valued at US$2,000 cash. Members meeting the stated criteria are now invited to apply for the "Heading North" award.

Applications should include:

- a paper for presentation at the AAEA conference, for which they are sole or first author and representing their original and unpublished work,
- a one-page biographical statement, and
- a one-page statement in support of their application, indicating what they would hope to accomplish through the award, and why they would be deserving of the award.

The winner of the award will be determined by a committee, based on the submitted materials, with some emphasis on the quality of the paper.

Electronic submissions (preferably in PDF form) should be e-mailed to Liz Petersen (Liz.Petersen).  Applications must be received by December 1, 2005, and the winner will be announced at the AARES 2006 conference in Sydney.  Please address any questions about the application process to Liz Petersen at the above address or by phone on (08) 9332 8310.

Innovations in Rural Extension: Case Studies from Bangladesh

Edited by P Van Mele, CABI Bioscience, Egham, UK, and A Salahuddin and N P Magor, International Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh

PB     ISBN 0 85199 028 2     Special Discount Price: £28.00  (Normal Price: £35.00)

This book examines the PETRRA (Poverty Elimination Through Rice Research Assistance) project which developed innovative extension mechanisms through a learning-by-doing process with multiple service providers. Topics addressed by the project include seed production and distribution systems, crop and soil fertility management, postharvest technologies, mobile pumps, aromatic rice and integrated rice-duck farming. The methods used include women-led group extension, whole family approach, participatory video, Going Public and picture songs. This book examines these approaches to extension and assesses their potential for replicability and scaling-up. It includes four thematic sections with people-centred case studies and a conclusion with practical applications of the transaction cost theory.

As a special offer to AARES members, CABI Publishing are offering a 20% discount on this title. Simply quote reference JDQ20 when placing your order by phone, fax, email or via our online bookshop:

CABI Publishing:  Tel: +44 1491 832111  Fax: +44 1491 829292    E-mail: orders

Note: AARES book review editor, John Rolfe, is currently reviewing this. So watch future editions of AJARE for this review.


International Association of Agricultural Economists

26th Triennial Conference

“Contributions of Agricultural Economics to Critical Policy Issues”

August 12-18, 2006

This conference is being jointly organized by the International Association of Agricultural Economists and the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society.  It will be held at the Gold Coast Exhibition and Convention Centre in Queensland, August 12-18, 2006.

Calls for Submissions and Suggestions

Contributed Papers and Poster Papers will be selected for inclusion on the conference program in a competitive process.  Please make submissions online via the conference website.  Deadlines for submissions of contributed papers and poster papers are October 31, 2005 and January 15, 2006, respectively.  Suggestions for Invited Panel sessions and proposals for topics to be addressed in Discussion Groups and Mini-Symposia are also being solicited.  Please consult the Submit Papers & Posters page on the conference website for details.

Further Information: Conference Website

The conference website——contains current information about all aspects of the conference.  It includes contact details for the organizers and a place where you can Register Your Interest and subscribe to the IAAE 2006 E-Newsletter. 

If you have any questions about the conference, or ideas to offer, please feel free to contact the conference secretariat:

Rhonda Hendicott

Event Manager

Conference of International Association of Agricultural Economists

C/- Hoteliers International

PO Box 12563

George Street Post Shop



Email: iaae

Tel: +617 3210 1646

Fax: +617 3210 1606

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