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Volume 17, Number 3, November 2005





AJARE - Call for papers




AARES Symposium: 'Markets for Water: Prospects for WA', held in Perth (details below)


AARES 50th celebration – let’s party!

It’s November already and the summer is almost here. Many of you will be turning your minds to preparation of papers for our Annual Conference. As you no doubt know, the 2006 conference will be held at the Manly Pacific Novotel Hotel, Sydney, on 8 –- 10 February where we will celebrate the Society's 50th Anniversary. John Madden and Tiho Ancev are heading up the local organising committee, while the schedule of Plenary Speakers is being put together by the President-Elect, John Mullen. Information about the conference can be found at

2007 AARES conference

It’s not too soon to start thinking about the 2007 AARES conference. I’m pleased to let you know that this will be held in beautiful New Zealand. Further information about the conference will be available soon.

IAAE conference

Arrangements for the International Agricultural Economics Association (IAAE) conference continue to develop. This conference will take place on 12 – 18 August 2006 on the Gold Coast in Queensland. I’m happy to report that AARES Federal Council will provide support for up to 20 members to attend the conference, and a number of branches are also sponsoring member attendance. The organizing committee has had considerable success in attracting sponsorship, and early responses from potential delegates indicate that it will be well attended. More information about the conference can be found on the IAAE 2006 website Please pay attention to the closing dates for submissions of Contributed Papers, Discussion Groups, and Mini-Symposia, which are approaching. Many thanks to the Australian Organizing Committee, led by Julian Alston, Phil Pardey and Mal Wegener, for all the hard work they are doing.

ACT Branch MBI Symposium

As this newsletter goes to press, the ACT branch, in collaboration with CSIRO, the ARC Economic Design Network and the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets at the University of NSW, is hosting a Symposium titled ‘New horizons in market based instruments’ in Canberra on 11 November. Like its precursor in 2003, this Symposium is sure to be a great success and a credit to the organisers, Stuart Whitten and his team at CSIRO. A high quality day can be expected with keynote speaker Professor Dave Porter from George Mason University, an international expert on Combinatorial Auctions, backed by leading Australian MBI experts including Drew Collins (BDA Group) and Stuart Whitten (CSIRO) and CSIRO experimental economists John Ward and Andrew Reeson, with Bernie Dunn (Wimmera CMA) helping to provide focus on regional NRM needs.  

New AARES website

As you may recall from the last newsletter, the current AARES website at UWA will be closing down soon. A new domain name ( has been registered and the new site should be ready by the end of the year. A subcommittee led by Bob Farquharson is looking at ways we can improve our website, including redesigning its appearance and structure, hosting the members' directory, and allowing access to AJARE through the website. Atakelty Hailu has agreed to take over the steering of the website redevelopment, while Felicity Flugge continues with the usual web manager role. Thanks again to Bob and the committee members, Felicity Flugge, Fiona Scott, Atakelty Hailu and Lili Pechey, for their work on this issue. If members have further suggestions about how the site can be improved, please forward them to bob.farquharson or ahailu by 30 November.

Business issues

Other business items considered at the recent Council meeting included moving the Society’s accounts to an electronic bookkeeping system, establishment of financial delegations, scanning of back issues of AJARE and the RMAE and finding an appropriate place for hosting this material. One ‘housekeeping’ matter is how we can run our Council meetings more efficiently. Council meetings are marathon events that occupy a full day, with potential for some agenda items to suffer from compressed discussion. We will be trialling a few innovations, including Executive meetings by telephone, asking for discussion papers from subcommittees and others to be distributed in advance of Council meetings with clear recommendations and/or suggested follow up actions, and establishing a consensus agenda for items that may not require discussion.

Promotion and development

Federal Council invited Gavan Dwyer and Lili Pechey to develop ideas related to promotion and development of the Society. They provided a thought provoking report to Council, raising issues and ideas related to methods of communication with members, resourcing of promotion and development; branch level activities; attracting young graduates and professionals; and engagement with universities and other professional societies. One of the immediate outcomes from this discussion was in principle support for creating a new Council position of Business Manager to pursue sponsorship and funding, and to work on long term strategic planning. Gavan and Lili will bring forward specific proposals to the Council meeting in February, including the potential duties and responsibilities for the Business Manager position. They welcome suggestions from AARES members. Send any thoughts to Gavan at gdwyer or Lili at lili.pechey.


Related to the issues of promotion and development above, another item on the agenda of the September Federal Council meeting was consideration of the prizes offered by AARES. In light of a welcomed offer by Blackwell to sponsor a prize, a decision was made to rename the ‘Best Journal Article in AJARE’ prize as ‘The Blackwell prize for the best AJARE article’. The prize will be a $500 cash award and a $500 book voucher from Blackwell Publishing. A new prize of $200 cash will be introduced for the best Connections article. Two other new prizes will be introduced, the ‘Quality of Communication Award’ and the ‘Quality of Research Discovery Award’, each with a $500 cash award. A subcommittee comprising Lili Pechey, Julian Alston and Glenn Ronan has been established to develop award guidelines.

Water symposium

A workshop on current water policy issues was held on 22 September in Perth, followed by the AARES Symposium on 'Markets for Water: Prospects for WA' on 23 September.

Keynote speakers at the symposium included Ellen Hanak from the Public Policy Institute in San Francisco (pictured below with AARES President Dr Deb Petersen); Steve Beare from ABARE; John Tisdell from Griffith University; Lin Crase from La Trobe; Mike Young, CSIRO and Claus Scholfedt from the South Australian Department of Water Land and Biodiversity Conservation.


As always, I would welcome hearing your thoughts on any aspect of the Society’s activities. I can be contacted through email at dpeterson, or by phone on 03 9653 2284.

Deborah Peterson

E-CReW 2005

The Early Career Researcher Workshop (E-CReW) was held on the 27th- 28th October in Bathurst. The event aimed to provide a forum for early career researchers to get feedback on their research in a non-threatening environment, to get support from more experienced academics, and to meet other researchers at a similar stage in their research careers.

AARES was a significant sponsor of this event, contributing $2,000, in-kind mentoring from Jeff Bennett and John Mullen and complimentary membership for one year for all participants not already members. Approximately 20 participants were not already AARES members. Both John and Jeff thought that the event was a good investment in protecting and refreshing our membership. There was reportedly a good balance between young professionals who had been to AARES conferences and those who had not.

For a number of participants, it was the first opportunity that they had to present to professional peers. It is hoped that the experience will give some the impetus and confidence to present at future AARES conferences.  One participant made the following remark: "I really enjoyed the E-crew conference, and so did everyone else I talked to. The interaction between the mentors and the students was very good and made the conference one of the best ones I've been to I think."

I extend my congratulations and thanks to all involved in organising the event, particularly Mark Morrison and Steve Hatfield-Dodds. My thanks are also extended to John and Jeff who I understand gave brilliant mentoring advice and did a great job promoting the Society. I will be monitoring the impact that the event has on our membership; however, we will not see the results until next year when we know how many of the participants renew beyond the complimentary year of membership that the Society provided.



In response to popular demand, the deadline for submitting Contributed Papers to the "IAAE 2006" International Conference of Agricultural Economists has been extended to November 30, 2005.  The latest issue of IAAE 2006 E-News is now available for viewing at  This newsletter provides key information about deadlines and fellowships to support participation of delegates in the Conference.  Full details on the IAAE 2006 Conference can be found at the conference web site

The Federal Council of AARES voted to offer 20 fellowships, at $850 each, to support members of AARES to participate in the IAAE 2006 Conference.  In addition to the fellowships from the Federal Council, the Western Australian branch of AARES is offering a fellowship to a member of the WA branch, the Queensland branch is offering two fellowships, and the Victorian branch is offering up to four fellowships to its members.  Other individual branches may also offer fellowships to assist their members to attend the IAAE 2006 conference.  Please contact your branch president or secretary for information.  

The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Call for Papers

for a Special Issue on “Market-Based Instruments for Management of Natural Resources and the Environment”

The editors call for submission of papers on MBIs with relevance to Australia and New Zealand for potential inclusion in a special issue of the Journal.

Any aspect of the use of economic policy instruments is potentially relevant, including:

The editors are particularly keen to encourage MBI focused papers informing:

All papers will be subject to double blind refereeing.

See authors guidelines on the Journal’s home page at

Manuscripts should be submitted on-line at with the paper type designated as “Special Issue”

Submissions to the Journal on these topics are welcomed at all times, but papers for inclusion in the Special Issue should be received by 31 March 2006.





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