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The Events

The 5th Annual AARES Symposium entitled "The US Farm Bill and Implications for Agricultural Trade" will be held Thursday 19th September 2002 at Lecture Theatre 4, Faculty of Economics, Business and Law, The University of New England, Armidale, NSW. The John L. Dillon AO Commemorative Day on "Agricultural Research: Challenges and Economics in the New Millennium" will follow on Friday 20th September 2002 at the same venue.

The new US Farm Bill will have important impacts upon international agricultural trade and the pace of international agricultural trade reform. It is a complex piece of legislation and analysts are hard at work at understanding its full ramifications. The 5th Annual AARES Symposium will focus on understanding the nature of the Farm Bill and what it means for those involved in international agricultural trade, including farmers, consumers, agribusiness firms and policy makers. In addition to expert speakers from Australia and New Zealand (ABARE, farmer organisations and universities), experts from the US will address the Symposium (confirmed to date are University of California at Davis Professor Daniel Sumner, Fulbright Senior Specialist and former Senior Staff Economist on the US President’s Council of Economic Advisors; and Virginia Tech Professor David Orden, co-author of the recently published "Policy Reform in American Agriculture: Analysis and Prognosis"). There will be ample time for airing of alternative viewpoints and general discussion. It is also expected that very recent changes to the Common Agricultural Policy will receive some attention.

The John L. Dillon AO Commemorative Day is intended to acknowledge the outstanding contributions that the late John Dillon made to the national and international community, particularly his contributions in the way of fostering agricultural research and development that was his main interest during the latter part of his career. There will be a variety of national and international speakers who will provide accounts of the challenges facing agricultural research as we enter the New Millennium.

On the night of 19th September a dinner will be held for those attending one or both days. Jack Lewis, founder of agricultural economics at UNE, will be the after-dinner speaker so this will be a memorable occasion.

A registration form is available at http://www.general.uwa.edu.au/u/aares/symposium02reg.htm

Registration Fees

The registration fee (inclusive of GST) for the Symposium is $210 for Ordinary members and $105 for Student members and Emeritus members, with a $20 surcharge for non-members. A late fee of $10 applies for registration after August 31. Lunch and morning/afternoon teas are included in the fee. The cost (inclusive of GST) of the Dinner on 19th September is $50 and registration for the John L. Dillon Commemorative Day is $30.

Accommodation and Travel

Flights into Armidale are limited so delegates are advised to book early. Arrival in the evening prior to the Symposium is strongly recommended since the proceedings will start at 9am.

For conference delegates who wish to enjoy the convenience of on-campus accommodation, Mary White College is available. The College is a short walk from the conference venue and provides serviced, single study bedrooms with
telephone and shared bathroom facilities. The tariff for bed and hot breakfast is $56.10 per person per night. A limited number of single and double ensuite rooms are also available (price on application).

A further choice from other Residences is available. Also offering comfortable single study bedrooms with telephone and shared bathroom facilities, for a tariff of $46.20 per person per night, including hot breakfast. All are just a 15-minute leisurely walk across our picturesque campus to the conference venue and are serviced by a complimentary shuttle bus.

Parking at the colleges is free for residents, with a complimentary permit provided on arrival. If you wish to book on-campus accommodation, please contact:

The UNE Conference Company, tel: 02 6773 2154 fax: 02 6773 3766
email: confco

A list of Armidale motels is provided below. All are in the range of three to four stars (average price about $70/night) and are about a five-minute drive from the UNE campus. A Toll Free Accommodation Booking Service is available on 1800-627-736.

Abbotsleigh Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 9488 Fax: 02 6772 7066
Acacia Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 7733 Fax: 02 6771 1901
Alluna Motel Ph: 02 6772 6226 Fax: 02 6772 9022
Armidale Cattleman’s Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 7788 Fax: 02 6771 1447
Armidale Motel Ph: 02 6772 8122 Fax: 02 6772 1024
Comfort Inn Hallmark Ph: 02 6772 9800 Fax: 02 6771 2590
Cameron Lodge Motel Ph: 02 6772 2351 Fax: 02 6772 5600
Cedar Lodge Motel Ph: 02 6772 9511 Fax: 02 6772 9516
Comfort Inn Cotswold Gardens Ph: 02 6772 8222 Fax: 02 6772 5139
Country Comfort Ph: 02 6772 8511 Fax: 02 6772 7535
Deer park Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 9999 Fax: 02 6772 8962
Elite Motor Inn Ph: 02 6771 5377 Fax: 02 6771 5388
Estelle Kramer Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 5200 Fax: 02 6771 2507
Hideaway Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 5177 Fax: 02 6771 2609
Moore Park Inn Ph: 02 6772 2358 Fax: 02 6772 5252
New England Motor Inn Ph: 02 6771 1011 Fax: 02 6771 1011
Sandstock Motor Inn Ph: 02 6772 9988 Fax: 02 6772 8490
The Club Motel Ph: 02 6772 8777 Fax: 02 6772 8669
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White Lanterns Motel Ph: 02 6772 5777 Fax: 02 6771 4294

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