Sitemap I took over the position of M:P&D in an environment of negative publicity against me personally and my so-called ‘radical’ views. This environment had seemingly emanated from my efforts in the early 1990s to successfully change the process for electing the President-Elect of the Society, and the comprehensive membership survey and ensuing research that I conducted from 1994 to 1996 (see Ahmadi-Esfahani and Brakey 1996; Ahmadi-Esfahani and Bonnor 1996). Ironically, however, both these ventures proved pivotal to the ‘radical’ structural changes that followed, and to the ‘radical’ enhancement of the conduct and performance of the Society over the past three years. I am honoured to have been part of these developments, and a player in the revitalisation of the Society, and wish the Society every success with implementation of its reinforcement strategy. While thanking all those who contributed to the very many ventures of the Society, including Julie Rowe, Prue Winkler, Rob Fraser, Garry Griffith, David Pannell, Glenn Anderson, Geoff Edwards, Peter Daniel, Michelle Scoccimarro, Julian Alston, the other members of Council, branch office bearers, and Blackwell people including Astrid Kogelman, Helene Lavis, Judy Cornish and Penny Taylor, I must, once again, express my sincere appreciation to Rob Fraser who, ‘in a bold move’, initially nominated me for the position. I am particularly gratified by Rob’s recent email to me in which he writes (my apologies to Rob for not seeking his permission to publicise this email): "I have just received my Dec. issue of N&V [AARES News & Views] and it brought home to me that we are coming to the end of a very significant period in the life of AARES: that during which it has benefited from your direct, and immense, input into its operations. So I guess I wanted to take this chance to thank you for what you have done over the last 3 years as Manager: Promotion and Development. I well remember the occasion on which the Constitution was changed to create the position, and your acceptance of the office. To be fair, I had my fingers crossed at the time, but with hindsight, it was clearly a masterstroke. You have been a star performer for the Society, Fredoun, and I reckon EVERYONE would now acknowledge that!" (12 December 2000). I trust that the Society will continue to thrive, and wish my successor all the very best in this exciting and challenging position. While my energy and devotion will now have to go toward other aspirations, I shall maintain my firm association with the Society as an enthusiastic member, and as a researcher, a teacher, and a professional and community activist. Accordingly, I would be most pleased to assist Council, if and when desired. Long Live the AARES