North America Branch

Branch AGM
The North America branch holds its AGM in ??? each year.
Branch Contact Details
President Mr Glynn Tonsor
Phone: +1 517 353 9848
Fax: +1 517 432 1800
Email: gtonsor

Department of Agricultural Economics
317-B Agriculture Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

Secretary/TreasurerKynda Curtis
Phone: +1 775 784 1682
Email: kcurtis

Department of Resource Economics
University of Nevada
Reno, NV 89557

Co-Councillor Dr Nick Piggott
Phone: +1 919 515 4668
Fax: +1 919 515 1824
Email: nick_piggott

Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Box 8109
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695

Co-Councillor Dr Julian Alston
Phone: +1 530 752 3283
Fax: +1 530 752 5614
Email: julian

Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California – Davis
Davis, CA 95616

How to Join
Membership of the Society is open to all persons and organisations interested in agricultural, resource and environmental economics. Benefits of membership include a copy of the Society's journal (four issues a year) along with the Newsletter and notices of Conferences (not to mention the NAB meetings!). Membership costs US$64, or US$32 for students, and a discount is given to new members (making it only US$51.20 or US$25.60 for students). Click here for information on AARES Membership.
AARES-AAEA Young Professionals Exchange Travel Award
Annually the AARES and the AAEA jointly offer an award worth US$2,000 for travel to, and participate in, the summer AAEA conference. Applicants must be residents of Australia or New Zealand and members of both the AARES and the AAEA. Contact an AARES officer for further details.
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