Past Symposia

Information from past AARES Symposia can be found using the links below.
2009, 10th AARES Symposium, "Invasive Species and Biosecurity", 10-11 September 2009, Canberra, ACT
2008, 9th AARES Symposium, "Climate, Water and Adaptive Responses", 22-23 May 2008, Adelaide, SA
2005, 8th AARES Symposium, "Markets for Water: Prospects for Western Australia", 22-23 September 2005, Perth, WA
2004, 7th AARES Symposium, "Frontiers in Resource Management", 7 October 2004, Auckland, NZ
2003, 6th AARES Symposium, "Property Rights and the Rural Environment - Beyond the Textbook", 20 August 2003, Canberra, ACT
2002, 5th AARES Symposium, "The US Farm Bill and Implications for Agricultural Trade", 19 September 2002, University of New England
2001, 4th AARES Symposium, "Public Funding of Environmental Issues", 5 October 2001, Melbourne, Vic
2000, 3rd AARES Symposium, "Deregulation, Competition Policy and Regional Australia", 1 September 2000, Brisbane, Qld
1999, 2nd AARES Symposium, "For Better or Worse: Tax Reform, the Australian Economy and the Agricultural and Resource Sectors", 20 August 1999, Sydney, NSW
1998, 1st AARES Symposium, "The Asian Economic Crisis", 20 November 1998, Sydney, NSW
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