This page records the history of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, in terms of past meetings of the Society, past office bearers, past councillors, past editors, and past committee members.

Past meetings of the Society

With the exception of the 1956 meeting, all of the following are Annual General Meetings of AAES or AARES. At least since 1986 (and probably longer), AGMs have been held on the second day of a three-day Annual Conference.
13 November 1956Commonwealth Bank, Sydney,
Inaugural Meeting of Organising Committee of Conference of Agricultural Economists
1st: 21 February 1957Rural BanK of NSW, Sydney,
Inaugural Meeting of the Australian Agricultural Economics Society
2nd: 19 February 1958Canberra University College
3rd: 26 February 1959University of Melbourne
4th: 18 February 1960University of Sydney
5th: 17 February 1961Canberra University College
6th: 22 February 1962University of Melbourne
7th: 1 March 1963University of Sydney
8th: 21 February 1964Australian National University
9th: 12 February 1965University of Western Australia
10th: 17 February 1966 University of Melbourne
11th: 16 February 1967University of New England
12th: 15 February 1968Australian National University
13th: 6 February 1969University of Queensland
14th: 19 February 1970Monash University
15th: 18 February 1971 University of Adelaide
16th: 17 February 1972 University of Sydney
17th: 15 February 1973Australian National University
18th: 14 February 1974University of Western Australia
19th: 13 February 1975La Trobe University
20th: 11 February 1976University of New England
21st: 9 February 1977University of Queensland
22nd: 8 February 1978University of Sydney
23rd: 7 February 1979Australian National University
24th: 13 February 1980University of Adelaide
25th: 11 February 1981University of Canterbury, NZ
26th: 10 February 1982University of Melbourne
27th: 9 February 1983University of Queensland
28th: 8 February 1984University of Sydney
29th: 13 February 1985University of New England
30th: 4 February 1986Australian National University
31st: 11 February 1987University of Adelaide
32nd: 10 February 1988La Trobe University
33rd: 8 February 1989Lincoln College, New Zealand
34th: 14 February 1990University of Queensland
35th: 13 February 1991University of New England
36th: 11 February 1992Australian National University
37th: 10 February 1993University of Sydney
38th: 9 February 1994Victoria University, NZ
39th: 15 February 1995University of Western Australia
40th: 14 February 1996University of Melbourne
41st: 23 January 1997Gold Coast, Queensland
42nd: 20 January 1998University of New England
43rd: 21 January 1999Christchurch, N.Z.
44th: 24 January 2000University of Sydney
45th: 24 January 2001Adelaide, South Australia
46th: 14 February 2002Canberra, ACT
47th: 13 February 2003Fremantle, Western Australia
48th: 12 February 2004Melbourne, Victoria
49th: 10 February 2005Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
50th: 9 February 2006Sydney, New South Wales
51st: 15 February 2007Queenstown, New Zealand
52nd: 7 February 2008Canberra, ACT

Past Office Bearers

YearPresidentPresident ElectSecretaryTreasurerBusiness Manager (-1997) / Manager: Promotion and Development (1998-)
1957K.O. CampbellD.B. WilliamsC.P. DowsettF.H. Gruen 
1958J.G. CrawfordD.B. WilliamsC.P. DowsettF.H. Gruen 
1959D.B. WilliamsJ.N. LewisC.P. DowsettF.H. Gruen 
1960J.N. LewisF.H. GruenC.P. DowsettP.C. Druce 
1961F.H. GruenA.C.B. MaidenR. PattersonA.R. WardC.P. Dowsett
1962A.C.B. MaidenH.P. SchapperA.H. RoweM SturmanC.P. Dowsett
1963C.P. DowsettP.C. DruceA.H. RoweM. Sturman 
1964H.P. SchapperP.C. DruceJ.J. QuilkeyI. Molnar 
1965P.C. DruceF.G. JarrettJ.J. QuilkeyL.E. Cozens 
1966D.H. McKayR.M. ParishA.R. MooreL.E. Cozens 
1967F.G. JarrettA.G. LloydA.R. MooreL.E. Cozens 
1968R.M. ParishA.G. LloydA.R. MooreR.G. ShoobridgeM. Singh
1969A.G. LloydS.F. HarrisA.R. MooreW.H. OatesM. Singh
1970S.F. HarrisW.O. McCarthyW. BatesJ.H. JohnstonM. Singh
1971J.L. DillonR.G. MauldonH.C. HaszlerK.A. WebbM. Singh
1972E.O. BumsE.J. WaningH.C. HaszlerK.A. WebbM. Singh
1973E.J. WaningR.G. MauldonP.B. HigginsK.A. WebbA.S. Watson
1974R.G. MauldonW.F. MusgraveP.B. HigginsK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1975W.F. MusgraveJ.W. LongworthH.J. PlunkettK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1976J.W. LongworthE.F. GillinH.J. PlunkettK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1977E.F. GillinG.L. MillerH.J. PlunkettK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1978G.L. MillerA.S. WatsonJ.L. LongmireK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1979A.S. WatsonJ.W. FreebairnJ.L. LongmireK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1980J.W. FreebairnJ.R. AndersonJ.L. LongmireK.A. WebbJ.J. Quilkey
1981J.R. AndersonB.J. StandenW.D. WatsonA.W. SmithJ.J. Quilkey
1982B.J. StandenJ.J. QuilkeyW.D. WatsonA.W. SmithR.A. Richardson
1983J.J. QuilkeyJ.B. HardakerV.E. WrightA.W. SmithR.A. Richardson
1984J.B. HardakerR.A. RichardsonV.E. WrightA.W. SmithR.A. Richardson
1985R.A. RichardsonR.K. LindnerV.E. WrightA.W. SmithJ.M. Alston
1986R.K. LindnerC. GellatlyV.E. WrightA.W. SmithJ.M. Alston
1987C. GellatlyG.W. EdwardsV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1988G.W. EdwardsB.S. FisherV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1989B.S. FisherA.H. ChisholmV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1990A.H. ChisholmR.R. PiggottV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1991R.R. PiggottN.H. SturgessV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1992N.H. SturgessR.W.M. JohnsonV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1993R.W.M. JohnsonT.G. MacAulayV.E. WrightA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1994T.G. MacAulayC. TannerS. MarlorA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1995C. TannerK. AndersonD. PetersonA.W. SmithA.M.J. Arch
1996K. AndersonL.P. O'MaraD. PetersonA.W. Smith/R. Douglas/R.S. WrightA.M.J. Arch
1997L.P. O'MaraR.W. FraserP.N. DanielR.S. WrightA.M.J. Arch
1998R.W. FraserG.R. GriffithP.N. DanielR.S. WrightF. Ahmadi-Esfahani
1999G.R. GriffithD.J. PannellP.N. DanielG. AndersonF. Ahmadi-Esfahani
2000D.J. PannellJ.M. AlstonM. ScoccimarroG. AndersonF. Ahmadi-Esfahani
2001J.M. AlstonR. DuncanM. ScoccimarroM. WegenerL. Brennan
2002R. DuncanB. MalcolmE. PetersenM. WegenerL. Brennan
2003B. MalcolmJ. BennettE. PetersenM. WegenerL. Brennan
2004J. BennettD. PetersonE. PetersenM. WegenerL. Pechey
2005D. PetersonJ. MullenT. GrahamG. RonanL. Pechey
2006J. MullenA. RaeT. GrahamG. RonanL. Pechey/G. Gentle
2007A.N. RaeC. O'DonnellM-A. Franco-DixonG. RonanG. Gentle/T. Henderson

Past Councillors

YearNSWVic.Qld.SAWAACTTas.New Eng.NZ
1957I.A. ButlerR.B. McMillian C.H.P. DefriesF.G. JarrettH.P. Schapper D.R. Munro  
1958J.N. LewisR.B. McMillianC.H.P. DefriesF.G. JarrettH.P. SchapperD.R. MunroI.G. Inglis  
1959W.V. CandlerR.B. McMillianC.H.P. DefriesA.A. DawsonH.P. SchapperE.A. Saxon/A.H. RoweR.T. Curtis  
1960K.O. CampbellR.B. McMillianC.H..P. DefriesA.A. DawsonH.P. SchapperA.H. RoweR.T. Curtis  
1961K.O. CampbellR.B. McMillianC.H.P. DefriesA.A. DawsonH.P. SchapperA.H. RoweR.T. Curtis  
1962K.O. CampbellR.B. McMillianW.O. McCarthyA.A. DawsonH.P. SchapperE.S. HoffmanD.J. Fergusson  
1963K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydW.O. McCarthyA.A. PowellR.G. MauldonE S HoffmanD.J. Fergusson  
1964K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydW.O. McCarthyF.G. JarrettR.G. MauldonE S HoffmanD.J. Fergusson  
1965K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydW.O. McCarthyC. CattR.G. MauldonE.A. SaxonD.J. Fergusson  
1966K.O. CampbellF.H. GruenE.O. BurnsC. CattJ.S. NelsonS.F. HarrisD.J. Fergusson  
1967K.O. CampbellF.H. GruenE.O. BurnsC. CattR.G. MauldonE.A. SaxonD.J. Fergusson  
1968S.J. FilanN.H. SturgessW.O. McCarthyC. CattG. OliverE.A. SaxonD.J. Fergusson  
1969S.J. FilanN.H. SturgessW.O. McCarthyC. CattG. OliverE.A. SaxonD.J. Fergusson  
1970S.J. FilanN.H. SturgessC.P. HamiltonC. CattG. OliverE.A. SaxonD.J. Fergusson/J. Price  
1971K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydE.O. BurnsR.K. HeffordR.G. MauldonS.F. HarrisJ. Sullivan  
1972K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydE.O. BurnsR.K. HeffordR.G. MauldonS.F. HarrisJ. Sullivan D.R.J. Densley
1973K.O. CampbellA.G. LloydE.O. BurnsN.J. ThomsonR.G. MauldonS.F. HarrisJ. Sullivan  
1974K.O. CampbellJ.J. QuilkeyC.P. HamiltonN.J. ThomsonB.R. MartinS.F. HarrisJ. Sullivan  
1975K.O. CampbellJ.J. QuilkeyR. BygottN.J. ThomsonR. GuytonE.J. WaringC. Bourke  
1976K.O. CampbellJ.J. QuilkeyR. BygottN.J. ThomsonQ.N. HarringtonG.L. MillerC. Bourke D.R.J. Densley
1977K.O. CampbellJ.J. Quilkey/A.G. LloydR. BygottC. HuntE. O'LoughlinG.L. MillerG.C. EdwardsP.D. Chudleigh 
1978D.E. MacCallumA.G. LloydJ.H. LongworthF.G. JarrettE. O'LoughlinG.L. MillerG.C. Edwards R.W.M. Johnson
1979D.E. MacCallumJ. O'ConnorJ.H. LongworthF.G. JarrettE. O'LoughlinG.L. MillerG.C. Edwards R.W.M. Johnson
1980D.E. MacCallumJ. O'ConnorJ.H. LongworthF.G. JarrettE. O'LoughlinG.L. MillerG.C. Edwards R.W.M. Johnson
1981B.S. FisherT.J. RyanJ.H. LongworthG. OborneB.R. MartinA. StoeckelL. DaveyT.G. MacAulayR.W.M. Johnson
1982B.S. FisherG.W. EdwardsR.B. BygottR.K. LindnerJ.S. GrovesI.B. WearingG.C. EdwardsT.G. MacAulayR.W.M. Johnson
1983B.S. FisherG.W. EdwardsR.B. BygottR.K. LindnerJ.S. GrovesG.W. ReevesG.C. EdwardsK.A. PartonR.W.M. Johnson
1984C. GellatlyG.W. EdwardsG.S. WinningR.K. LindnerJ.S. GrovesA.P. OckwellG.C. EdwardsJ.L. DillonR.W.M. Johnson
1985R.G. MunroG.W. EdwardsG.S. WinningG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesG.M. WhiteG.C. EdwardsW.F. MusgraveR.W.M. Johnson
1986R.G. MunroG.W. EdwardsG.S. WinningG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesW.J. MartinG.C. EdwardsW.G. GriffithsR.W.M. Johnson
1987L. HenryJ.M. AlstonI. RobinsonG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesR.S. JefferyG.C. EdwardsW.G. GriffithsP. Bushnell
1988L. HenryC.J. WilcoxI. RobinsonG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesR.S. JefferyG.C. EdwardsV.E. WrightA.C. Zwart
1989L. HenryC.J. WilcoxI. RobinsonG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesG. CuthushG.C. EdwardsV.E. WrightA.C. Zwart
1990R.G. DrynanW.W. FisherA.S. RutherfordG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesG. Cuthush V.E. WrightA.C. Zwart
1991D.P. GoddenW.W. FisherC.H. WilliamsG.J. RylandJ.S. GrovesD. Lawrence V.E. WrightA.C. Zwart
1992L. HenryW.W. FisherC.H. WilliamsG.J. RylandD.A. MorrisonR. Trewin V.E. WrightA.N. Rae
1993L. HenryW.W. FisherC.H. Williams D.J. PannellR. Trewin/S. Beare V.E. WrightB.A. Bell
1994L. HenryR.L. SmithC.H. WilliamsG. PageD.J. PannellS. Beare S. MadorF.G. Scrimgeour
1995L. HenryR.L. SmithC.H. WilliamsG. PageD.J. PannellD. Peterson A.N. RambaldiR. SriRamaratnam
1996J.D. MullenD. MaclarenC.H. WilliamsG. PageD.J. PannellR. Tyers O.J. CachoR.R. Alexander
1997J.D. MullenM.E. EigenraamC.H. WilliamsG. PageD.J. PannellC. RattiganNorth AmericaE.M. FlemingP. Journeaux
1998J.D. MullenP. DanielC.H. WilliamsG. PageD.J. PannellP. WarrJ.M. Alston/P. PardeyE.M. FlemingP. Journeaux
1999J.D. MullenP. DanielM. WegenerV. CookD.J. PannellR. DuncanJ.M. Alston/P. PardeyC. ChangK. Bicknell
2000J.D. MullenG. EdwardsM. WegenerD. YoungL. McCannR. DuncanJ.M. Alston/P. PardeyG.R. GriffithR. Forbes
2000J.D. MullenG. EdwardsM. WegenerD. YoungR. KingwellJ. BennettJ.M. Alston/P. PardeyG.R. GriffithS. Shakur
2001J. CreanG. EdwardsM. WegenerD. YoungR. KingwellP. MorrisJ.M. AlstonB. FarquharsonS. Shakur
2002J. CreanG. EdwardsM. WegenerT. MechR. KingwellP. MorrisJ.M. AlstonB. FarquharsonS. Shakur
2003J. Crean G. AntonyT. MechR. KingwellP. MorrisJ.M. AlstonB. FarquharsonS. Shakur
2004J. CreanM.E. EigenraamG. AntonyT. MechR.K. LinderM. van BuerenJ.M. Alston, N. PiggotB. FarquharsonF.G. Scrimgeour
2005J. MaddenC. Wilcox/M. O'ConnellG. AntonyT. MechR.K. LinderL. PecheyJ.M. Alston, N. PiggotB. FarquharsonR. Cullen
2006J. MaddenM.E. EigenraamM. WegenerG. RonanR.K. LinderL. PecheyJ.M. Alston, N. PiggotB. FarquharsonF.G. Scrimgeour
2007T. AncevG. DwyerM. WegenerG. RonanR.K. LinderJ. BennettJ.M. Alston, N. PiggotB. FarquharsonR. Cullen

Past Editors


Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics

The first two listed volumes here were conference proceedings.
YearsVolumesEditorsBook Review Editor
1957N/AP.C. Druce 
1958N/AA.J. McIntyre 
1958-592-3A.J. McIntyre 
1960-614-5A.J. McIntyreJ.L. Dillon
1962-646-8F.G. JarrettJ.L. Dillon
1965-669-10J.L. DillonR.M. Parish
196711J.L. DillonI.M. Sturgess
196812W.F. MusgraveI.M. Sturgess
196913W.F. MusgraveJ.J. Quilkey/I.M. Sturgess
197014W.F. MusgraveI.M. Sturgess
1971-7315-17K.D. CocksR.A. Powell
197418A.S. Watson/I.R. WillsR.A. Powell
1975-7719-21A.S. Watson/I.R. WillsG.W. Edwards
197822J.R. Anderson/J.B. HardakerG.W. Edwards
1979-8023-24J.R. Anderson/J.B. HardakerJ.O.S. Kennedy
1981-8325-27R.R. Piggott/R.A. PowellN.H. Sturgess
1984-8528-29B.S. Fisher/C. TannerN.H. Sturgess
1986-8730-31B.S. Fisher/C. TannerJ. Carey
1988-9032-34R. Lattimore/A. ZwartK. Menz
1991-9235-36D. MacLaren/L.R. MalcolmJ.V. Remenyi
199337D. MacLaren/L.R. MalcolmP. Simmons/J. Morrison
199438J.O.S. Kennedy/L.R. MalcolmP. Simmons/J. Morrison
199539J.O.S. Kennedy/L.R. MalcolmP. Simmons
199640L.R. Malcolm/J.O.S. KennedyR. Mauldon

Review of Marketing and Agricultural Economics

This journal was published by AARES from 1989-1996, having previously been published by NSW Agriculture from 1945-1988.
YearsVolumesEditorsBook Review Editor
198957G.R. Griffith 
1990-9258-60G.R. GriffithK. Morris
199361R.W.M. JohnsonP. Simmons/J. Morrison
199462R.W.M. JohnsonP. Simmons
1995-9663-64R.W.M. JohnsonR. Mauldon

Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

This journal replaced the Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics from 1997.
YearsVolumesEditorsBook Review Editor
1997-9841-42D. Peterson/R. TyersR. Trewin
1999-200143-45G. EdwardsI. Fraser
2002-0346-47C.J. O'Donnell/J.D. MullenG. Marshall
200448C.J. O'Donnell/J.D. MullenJ. Rolfe
2005-0749-51R.K. Lindner/D.J. Pannell/R. KingwellJ. Rolfe

Other Roles

YearEditor, News & ViewsWeb Manager
1998F. Ahmadi-EsfahaniA. Arch
1999-2000F. Ahmadi-EsfahaniD.J. Pannell
2001T. HendersonD.J. Pannell
2002T. HendersonD.J. Pannell/A. Hailu
2003T. HendersonA. Hailu
2004T. HendersonA. Hailu/F. Flugge
2005R. ReeveF. Flugge
2006R. ReeveF. Flugge/M.P. Cameron
2007R. ReeveM.P. Cameron

Past Committee Members

YearMasters Thesis Prize CommitteePhD Thesis Prize CommitteeNominations Committee
1994J. Webber/C. Brown/G. HertzlerD. MacLaren/J.O.S. Kennedy/A. Meister 
1995S. Martin (Chair)/G. Hertzler/C. BrownD. MacLaren (Chair)/P. Bardsley/S. BeareT.G. MacAulay (Chair)/A. Chisholm/S. Martin/V.E. Wright
1996G. Hertzler (Chair)/C. BrownS. Beare (Chair)/D. MacLaren/P. Simmons 
1997  K. Anderson (Chair)/R.K. Lindner/J. Longworth/D. MacLaren
1998D.J. Pannell (Chair)/K. Bicknell/D. Peterson P. O'Mara (Chair)/R.K. Lindner/C. Tanner/A. Chisholm
1999D.J. Pannell (Chair)/K. Bicknell/D. PetersonD.P. Godden (Chair)/R. Kingwell/A. RambaldiR. Fraser (Chair)/C. Brown/K. Bicknell/K. Anderson
2000K. Bicknell (Chair)/D. Peterson/R. BeardR. Kingwell (Chair)/D.P. Godden/H-S. ChangG.R. Griffith (Chair)/C. Brown/N.H. Sturgess/K. Bicknell
2001D. Peterson (Chair)/R. Beard/P. WinterH-S. Chang (Chair)/R. Kingwell/P. HoneD.J. Pannell (Chair)/R. Fraser/D. Peterson/J.D. Mullen
2002P. Winter (Chair)/R. Beard/M. BurtonP. Hone (Chair)/H-S. Chang/K. PartonJ.M. Alston (Chair)/D.J. Pannell/J.D. Mullen/A. Watson
2003M. Burton/M. Morrison/S. LumleyK. Parton (Chair)/S. Schilizzi/R. HeanR. Duncan/J.D. Mullen/A. Watson
2004M. Morrison (Chair)/M. Burton/S. LumleyR. Hean (Chair)/K. Parton/S. SchilizziA. Watson/J.D. Mullen/B. Malcolm
2005S. Lumley (Chair)/M. Morrison/F. ScrimgeourS. Schilizzi (Chair)/R. Hean/Q. Grafton 
2006F. Scrimgeour (Chair)/S. Lumley/R. DuncanQ. Grafton (Chair)/S. Schilizzi/C. SaundersD. Peterson (Chair)/D. Pannell/L. McCann/R. Cullen/K. Anderson/J. Bennett/R. Pigott
2007R. Duncan (Chair)/Q. Huang/D. MarshQ. Grafton (Chair)/C. Saunders/T. AncevJ. Mullen (Chair)/C. Tanner/K. Anderson/J. Bennett
YearQuality of Communication and Quality of Research Discovery Prizes Committee
2006T. Ancev/L. Pechey/R. Cullen/J. Mullen
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