Travel credit: what is the average budget for your summer vacation?

22 Dec

Summer is fast approaching. The temperature is warming up and the good weather is making a comeback. In the closet, the down jackets and the big sweaters. Soon it’s time to get out a beach towel, sunscreen and sarong. But before packing, you have to plan your vacation and the question of budget is paramount!

The average French budget for this summer is…

Group of young happy people enjoying road trip in their white convertible

This year the budget reserved for holidays is slightly increasing! The French intend to spend 936 USD on average, 38 USD more than in 2016 (+ 4.2% in one year). The perception of this budget is mostly stable (48%) against 40% down and 9% up. 3% do not comment.

But this means varies according to the home vacation project. For those who are going to stay at home, the envelope will not exceed 417 USD. For households earning less than 1000 USD / month, the amount for the holidays will be 452 USD.

Conversely, those who plan to go on vacation plan to pay 1410 USD. An amount that increases for individuals with income of 3,500 USD / month and more: 1,864 USD.

So there is a big difference between those who leave and those who practice “staycation” (staying at home). This year 52% of French people do intend to go on vacation, but 47% will not leave, 1% DK.

In terms of duration, the French prefer to leave for 2 weeks (39%), then 1 week (28%), 3 weeks (14%) or more (14%) and less than a week ( 5%).

What are the spending items for the holidays?

  • 29% housing,
  • 29% food,
  • 22% transport,
  • 20% leisure on site.

“ The collaborative economy and low cost offers are now part of the habits of the French. If the budget is also distributed and changes little compared to last year, the French are adept at good deals, promotional offers and manages to reduce expenses. 16% of them are adopting new collaborative habits in order to benefit from good deals and spend less without giving up on having fun ”.

Finance your vacation with a travel credit?

To finance this envelope, it is possible to take out a travel credit. This type of loan is a personal loan. The amount depends on your project, which can vary from simple to double if you decide to go.

Consumer credit rates differ from bank to bank. The ideal is to compare offers to get the best financing for your vacation.